Towing Tips for Pull-Behind Campers


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Towing Tips for Pull-Behind Campers The following few tips will help you better the towing safety of your pull-behind camper so you can have a more enjoyable experience. pull behind campers, used pull behind campers sale, pull behind campers for motorcycles


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Towing Tips for Pull-Behind Campers The RV lifestyle was once a popular hobby among people who had copious amounts of money lots of time or retirement from their working life. But since then the RV lifestyle has been made more approachable and affordable with the invention of small pull-behind campers. These campers require no special towing vehicle are cheaper to buy or rent and easier to drive around. Because of these reasons people of all ages and lifestyles choose to take a trip away from the cities in their small pull-behind campers. And although these campers are easier to drive and maneuver there are still some precautions to take. Especially for people who are new to the whole lifestyle a few steps are necessary to take to make the trip more enjoyable. Know the Basics You should take care of this recommendation even before you set out to look out for a pull-behind camper for sale. Especially if you have never shopped for a camper before we recommend that you begin with the most basic and beginner details. The weight of the RV type of towing hitch weight distribution and more are all necessary for you to understand. You can either search the web or simply ask the dealer to take you over everything. Know the Exact Weight Numbers Now that you understand the basic terminologies and jargon for towing needs get the exact numbers of your vehicle and potential pull-behind camper. If you are going to hitch your pull-behind camper to a motorcycle or bike make sure to go through the towing guides that they came from to get specific details. Make an estimate of the full load the number of passengers luggage and tanks that you will be taking with you. Hitching your Pull-Behind Camper There are two main things to consider at this point that will make sure that your camper is hitched to your vehicle in a safe and secure manner. The first consideration is regarding the weight distribution. Talk to the dealer for specific tips based on the models of both your vehicle and the pull-behind camper. Keep in check the wheel position tire pressure center of gravity cargo security and tongue weight to distribute the weight between the two vehicles evenly.

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The second consideration to make us about the hitch you choose to tow the camper behind your vehicle. Select tow bars and hitches that are rated suitable for the vehicle you own and the camper itself. Check the manufacture’s towing guide for a particular camper model to correctly hitch your camper. Make sure both are Compliment ary One of the most important towing tips for a pull-behind camper is that you choose a camper that can operate well with your vehicle. Make sure that when you tow the camper to your motorcycle or another vehicle that it works effectively in a safe manner and meets legal requirements. Other Tips: Besides the more heavy tips above the following tips will only make your experience safer and enjoyable. 1. Make sure that all the mirrors on your towing vehicle are angled to provide a good view of the pull-behind camper for safe driving. 2. Before you set out on a long journey with your camper go for a practice runs to make sure you can easily drive and maneuver on the road. Practice turning braking reversing and driving up slightly slanted surfaces. 3. Pay attention to weight details and limits to make sure the camper does not sway too much. A strong gust of wind from any source can sway the camper especially if it is a light-weight one towed behind a motorcycle. 4. Never drive your camper with people seated inside it. 5. Adopt the habit of checking everything twice and kicking the tires before each trip. Make sure the hitch if connected correctly the weight distribution is correct and make sure the brakes are working accurately.

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