Welcome Back 2012-2013 - Frank Rosthenhausler

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Welcome Back 2012-2013 - Frank Rosthenhausler


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Welcome :

Pueblo Magnet High School By Frank Rosthenhausler Welcome

My New Role:

Security Athletics Environment My New Role

Security New and Old Policy:

Security New and Old Policy


Tardy Policy Liaison with new Alpha Agents in Buildings Working at school after hours or on weekends Bus Bay New


Hat Policy Referral Process & Kicking Students Out of Class Vending Machines- NOT DURING INSTRUCTIONAL TIME!!!!!! Restroom Passes- one at a time Use of Electronics Old

Mandatory Reporting:

“School personnel are required to report allegations of child abuse under two Arizona laws:” A.R.S. 13-3620 and A.R.S. 15-514.” Both are reporting statutes only Mandatory Reporting

Who Must Report?:

“Certain Professionals” Including: nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors, school personnel or “any other person having responsibility for the care or treatment of children.” This includes, at least, all teachers and administrators. Who Must Report?

What Must Be Reported:

If you reasonably believe a minor is or has been the victim of: physical injury abuse, child abuse sexual abuse sexual conduct with a minor sexual assault molestation sexual exploitation, incest child prostitution or neglect. What Must Be Reported

Whom Should These Reports Be Made?:

Generally speaking: “if the suspected abuse is committed by a family member or legal guardian the report should be made to child protective services. All other reports should be made to law enforcement.” Whom Should These Reports Be Made?

Important Note:

“Both statues assign direct reporting responsibilities to those aware of the suspected abuse. This means that reporting suspected abuse to one’s direct supervisor alone may not satisfy the reporting requirements. The statures require that you report or cause reports to be made to the proper authorities.” Important Note



Athletics New Initiatives:

We will continue with “Homework Help”….with a twist (let me know who will tutor) All team managers must have a 3.0 or above Eligibility Changes Fee Increase New coaches Athletics New Initiatives


All events must go through me Clubs, clubs, clubs Message Boards Activities


Construction Update HVAC Doors Fire Hazards Environment/Facilities

Environment cont…:

Grounds Update (flowers, plants etc.) Engineering- staff & flow of work orders Keep me in the loop…………please Environment cont…

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