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By: drravikhanna (123 month(s) ago)

Outstanding Presentation!!!!!. I'm working with a hospital and there had been 3 cases of swine flu in our city. We are planning to disseminate the knowledge regarding the swine flu especially the prevention aspects in schools and colleges . .We'll be very thankful to you if you kindly send the copy of the same to my e-mail address.My e-mail id is With thanks & Regards Yogesh

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Swine Flu (H1N1)

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FLU = VIRUS When viruses enter your body you can become SICK and can cause a DISEASE! SWINE = PIG SWINE FLU

Swine Flu (also called H1N1) : 

Swine Flu (also called H1N1) Lives in your lungs!

You CAN NOT SEE IT! It is very small! : 

You CAN NOT SEE IT! It is very small! swine flu

Spreads 2 ways! : 

Spreads 2 ways! 1. Contact with PIGS! 2. Person to person through coughing and sneezing!

In Ghana… : 

In Ghana… 907 people have been affected One infant death Vaccine IS SAFE and OVER TWO MILLIONS DOSES have been given!

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Who is at risk? Children Teenagers People over the age of 50 People with heart disease, lung disease or a weakened immune system

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Is Eating Pork Safe? YES!!! You can still enjoy pork! Cooking pork kills the swine flu virus!

Symptoms : 

Symptoms Exactly like the typical flu virus Sore throat Running nose Cough Body ache Headache Tiredness Fever

If you are sick… : 

If you are sick… Tell mum or dad! NO school! REST!!! Drink fluids! Wash hands! Go to DOCTOR!

2 Medicines… : 

2 Medicines… Oseltamivir Zanamivir

Remember… : 

Remember… 1. Personal hygiene is the best way to stay healthy! 2. Always wash your hands! 3. Sneeze and cough into tissue or elbow – NOT HANDS! 4. If you feel sick – STAY HOME AND REST! 5. Swine Flu can be cured if you use good health habits!



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