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Educational Innovation at the Open University of the Netherlands by Kathleen Schlusmans


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Educational Innovation at the Open University of the Netherlands : 

Educational Innovation at the Open University of the Netherlands Kathleen Schlusmans Program Manager

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The Open University of the Netherlands Established in 1984 Central Office in Heerlen 12 + 3 +6 study centres Distance Education Open Education

Educational model 1984 : 

Educational model 1984 Open, distance education Mainly written materials Support and tutoring by phone and face-to-face in the study centres Paper and pencil exams in the study centres

Educational Model 2009 : 

Educational Model 2009 Open distance education All courses web based materials with multi media components Online tutoring and support (virtual classes) Online assessment (in study centres)

Why educational innovation? : 

Why educational innovation? Internet has come to stay More interaction with students is needed Students have come to expect modern attractive multimedia materials There is a need for more flexible and more cost effective testing

Problems and pitfalls : 

Problems and pitfalls World of electronic learning environments is moving so fast that today’s choice might not be adequate for tomorrow’s needs Students (and staff) still want textbooks and written materials Digital education requires a different approach to education and different skills from the teachers Quality assurance in digital education

How to achieve innovation? : 

How to achieve innovation? A new global innovation program (2007-2009) Across faculties and departments Program manager Steering committee Projects across faculties Regular feedback from the students and the staff

When is the program successful? : 

When is the program successful? Educational Innovation in all the faculties Open University is known for its educational innovation Cooperation between faculties and departments More focus on student centeredness

Projects : 

Projects The electronic learning environment Online tutoring and support Online testing Multi media Quality assessment

Business Model : 

Business Model Central Innovation Fund Faculties participate on a 50/50 basis All external expenses are paid for 15000 hours of educational technology expertise Where possible using external funding

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