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Curriculum Organizational Psychology by Jef Syroit


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Curriculum Organizational Psychology : 

Curriculum Organizational Psychology организационная психология Jef Syroit

content : 

content Type of problems for O.P. Content of the program Training Research (Master thesis)

Problems for W&O Psychologists : 

Problems for W&O Psychologists Is it desirable to implement pay-for-performance? How to deal with aging employees? How to design an efficient performance appraisal system? How to improve group decision making? How to improve cooperation between teams? How come that our organization seems not to be able to adequately cope with changes in its environment?

Structure of Work and Organizational Psychology : 

Structure of Work and Organizational Psychology 3 domains Personnel psychology Work psychology/ Organisational behavior Organisational psychology 3 levels of analysis Individual Group Organisation

Relation of W&O psychology with fundamental psychology : 

Relation of W&O psychology with fundamental psychology Fundamental areas W&O psychology M&T developmental Experimental psy. social psy Personality/differential psychophysiology psychopathology cultural psy Groups Org Behavior Group dynamics Individual Personnel psy Org Behavior Organisation Org theory Org Development Research methods prof. skills Statistics

The curriculum : 

The curriculum In general: Structure Bachelor 3 year > Bachelor thesis Master 1 year > Master thesis Three competence domains Research Diagnosis Interventions

Bachelor : 

Bachelor Social psychology Introduction to Organizational Psychology Selection and Assessment Learning and training in organizations Personnel management Introduction to Conflictmanagement and mediation Organizational change Work psychology en – sociologie

Бакалавр Организационная психология : 

Бакалавр Организационная психология социальная психология Введение в Организационную психологию выбор и оценка изучение и обучение в организациях управление персонала управление конфликта организационное развитие психология и социология работы

Master (программа владельца) : 

Master (программа владельца) Coaching (Тренировка менеджеров) Groups in organizations (группы в организациях) Practice (практика) Master thesis (empirical research) (тезис владельца)

Types of Practices : 

Types of Practices Professional activities in the field Diagnostics (certificate from professional organization NIP) Research in connection with M-thesis (e.g pilot study)

Topics for M-thesis: examples : 

Topics for M-thesis: examples - Bullying (запугивание) Leadership, power, and organizational justice Senseless violence (бессмысленное насилие) Emotion regulation (регулирование эмоции) Social comparison processes (социальное сравнение) (In)justice (несправедливость) Goal-setting (цель устанавливать) Well-being, engagement, stress, burnout (выгорание, благосостояние, напряжение)

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