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Why is attaining model worthy hair extensions important in todays woman status? PSY Hair Story tells you the story


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What makes woman to attain Model worthy Hair Extensions. We all know of the fact that when hair styles that models apply on their head makes them look bold and gorgeous it also makes the viewers say “Yes I do want a hair style just like theirs”. Why Because we all feel that we will be able to attain certain social status amongst our friends colleagues and peer ones. Hair Extensions worn by model for a photo shoot for film shooting are often meticulous. Giving them the stylish classy and sassy chic look on them. So what type Hair Extensions do they use the most Lets have a sneak look.  Clip-In Hair Extensions – When models have to go for a movie shoot and if the scene requires her to have a longer hair locks for certain scenes of the day then they apply Clip-In Hair Extensions on their head. Such hair extensions are easy to apply and easy remove as the Clips are attached with the hair strands have to be clipped onto the roots of the natural hair. It takes a mere time of ten minutes to be installed properly on their head.  Tape-In Hair Extensions – Such hair extensions are worn by woman mostly when they need more hair thickness on their head. These hair extensions can be used for longer hours than that of Clip-In Hair Extensions as they are light weight and usually provide more hair volume on the head. Clip-In are usually at times heavy when it comes in terms for a long hours use.  Fusion Hair Extensions – These are hair extensions not only used by models but also most celeb stars and other high profile people. These hair extensions are made mostly by Natural Human Hair and that it can be used for a much longer period of time. Thus also referred to as Permanent Hair Extensions. However for the application of such hair extensions one needs to have a professional hair stylist who knows how to apply it on their head.

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Why PSY Hair Story  We acknowledge the beauty of every woman and firmly stand by that the beauty of a woman is best attained only when the hair is well decorated that gives a fine look.  We manufacture hair extensions mainly from Natural Human Hair as the quality and texture that one receives from such hair is much better than that of Synthetic Hair Extensions.  When we manufacture hair extensions we ensure that the quality of the hair is not damaged. From our processing we further enhance the strength of the hair strand. Chemically treating it to be clean and free from dirt as well as we make sure that it is given a much better shine appearance than before. Thus making sure that the build quality of Natural Human Hair Extensions surpasses all the hair extensions made by leading manufactures in the hair extensions market. Why not have a sneak peek of our products to know more about the hair extensions used by model stars:-  PSY Hair Story Keratin U-Tip Hair extensions. Colour – Cocoa Brown

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 PSY Hair Story Keratin U-Tip Hair extensions. Colour – Royal Blue  PSY Hair Story PU Clip in Hair Extensions. Colour – Cocoa Brown

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