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Why is it that Tape-In Hair Extensions are mostly used by Celeb Stars. PSY Hair Story here tells you the story.


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After watching Hollywood movies you might come across in your mind that celebrities often get more than what normal woman don’t possess which makes them look more beautiful and glamorous than usual. You might also know the answer that these women yes do apply hair extensions on their head. But which hair extensions do they mostly use. In the world of beauty and glamour most of the hair extensions used are made up of Natural Human Hair. These hair are donated from the hair cut of woman either for religious purposes or for a new style they are looking for. As well as Natural Human Hair often provides a much better thickness and volume on the head than that of hair extensions made from other materials.

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So which hair extensions is used the most by these celebrities as well as which of these hair extensions would be best suited for you There are a variants of different hair extensions such as Clip-In Hair Extensions Tape-In Hair Extensions Weave Hair Extensions U-Tip/I-Tip Hair Extensions and many more. Tape-In Hair Extensions have been used most of the times by high profile celebrities. This is mainly because of the thickness and more volume it gives as well as the durability is much better than that of Clip-In Hair Extensions. Attaining more hair on the head often makes a woman look more matured which Tape-In hair Extensions do help provide this benefit. • Tape-In Hair Extensions are made of a tape in which a special adhesive is applied onto it. These tapes can be double sided or single sided where the adhesive would be applied and then the wefts would be made stick to it. Which would then be made attach onto the natural hair. • For Tape-In Hair Extensions the wefts used for making are made up of Natural Human Hair basically from Indian and Brazilian Hair due to their grade texture thus the longevity of the product is also for a longer period of time. • Tape-In Hair Extensions are easy to maintain. As against the Clip-In hair Extensions which one has to remove the hair extension once the purpose is done. Moreover Tape-In Hair Extensions are lightweight as opposed to Clip-In Hair Extensions.

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Why PSY Hair Story • With multiple competitors present in the online and offline market PSY Hair Story provides customers hair extensions made exclusively from Human Hair. Thus offering you hair extensions of high and proper grade hair products. • While processing the hair we make sure that the quality of the hair is not compromised. While cleaning the hair the grade of the hair and the texture of it is well maintained so that our customers do attain the natural and a high prolific status when worn on top of it. • Colours play one of the most important thing that makes hair extensions to look more attractive. PSY Hair Story dyes hair extensions with natural colours that would give the hair the glossy and shine appearance that is what attained by high profile celebrities. Hair is one of the most important part of fashion and lifestyle. Thus having a much improved hair would uphold the status on women in the society. That is why we ensure that the hair extensions made by PSY Hair Story are of high quality and durability that would last for a longer period of time. You can know more about us at PSY Hair Story or send us an e-mail at or at And we would revert back to you with our product portfolios that would be best suited for you and your occasional needs.

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