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Richard Sherry is considered by his colleagues within the psychiatric and Clinical Psychology world as one of the safest set of hands within the mental health field. For more information about me please visit our website : http://www.psychologicalsystems.org/richard-sherry/


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An Expert in Psychological Treatment :

An Expert in Psychological Treatment  Dr. Richard Sherry

About Me…:

About Me… Founder Psychological Systems  Ltd. Duration More Than Fifteen Years Specliazation Assessing and Treating vulnerabilities in both individual and organizational systems and their interactions Research Pervasive effects of stress and the impact this has across every aspect of neurobiological processing

The Company…:

The Company… At Psychological Systems Ltd., we share a passion for integrating individual, team, and organizational performance. This is designed to take you from whatever level of difficulty experienced, and to move toward high performance and meaningful engagement. We aim to facilitate this level of positive connected experiences for everyone who is part of that network or system. We have at our disposal state of the art psychological assessment tools, psychological interventions, and educational and developmental frameworks which work to profoundly heal and develop the capacity, creativity, and skills-base of our clients. Integration and communication are key to significantly improving the quality of experience and outcome whether it be for an individual, family, department, organization, or larger structure.

Richard Sherry-CEO and Clinical Director :

Richard Sherry-CEO and Clinical Director For the past fifteen years Richard Sherry has worked with individuals, families, groups, departments and organizations to effect change. His further research in to clinical neuro -psychology and neuroscience lead him to understand these same processes of function and dysfunction are scalar, occurring at all levels, from the neural peptides which control brain function, up to the scale of entire social systems. This exploration and interest in linking ways to think about these different scales of processes led to the development of the Integration, Compassion, Developmental System (ICDS) system and advancing the real goal of actually healing individuals and the social processes they inter-relate with. Integrated Systems Healing and Richard Sherry’s concept of Integrated Healing is a process of linking the spectrum of illness and health dimensionally.

Richard Sherry- Clinical and Counseling Psychology:

Richard Sherry- Clinical and Counseling Psychology Richard Sherry’s passion is working with individuals, groups or organizations, to deliver high levels of performance and creativity. However, the depth of his training and expertise has helped Richard Sherry develop some groundbreaking clinical innovations in oftentimes, extremely complex cases. Richard Sherry is considered by his colleagues within the psychiatric and psychological world as one of the safest set of hands within the mental health field. The care and expertise he brings to every person he works with is felt, and this quality is a hallmark for all that come in to contact with him and know his work. He frequently has clients flying in from around the globe seeking treatment.

Our Philosophy… :

Our Philosophy… We feel that human beings and the social systems that we inhabit should be meaningful, alive, and profoundly positive experiences of creativity and support. The social structures and the experiences that make up our lives should facilitate the formation of our unique vision of development, and work synergistically together to improve our lives, leave the world better for our being here, and create and bring value to our social and productive endeavors - whether they be our work, our relationships, friendships, and social or international presence. Our focus is on strengthening and healing the vulnerabilities and helping to positively facilitate very high levels of performance and intellectual capacities.


Services… Assessment Test E-coaching E – Therapy Psychological Therapy

Psychometric Test…:

Psychometric Test…

Fees Structure…:

Fees Structure… Types Time Taken Fees Individual 60 min £250 Couples/Families 60 min £350 Executive Coaching 60 min £450 Department/ Organisation 60 min £750 Societal/International Consultancy 60 min £950 Test and Report £75 Learning Modules £125

Contact Us…:

Contact Us… Dr. Richard Sherry Psychological Systems Ltd. 62 Wimpole St. London United Kingdom W1G 8AW‎ 00 (44) 786 314 5386 www.psychologicalsystems.org/

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