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The Fourth Community Appreciation Roast Special Honoree: Marie Calderon

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The Fourth Community Appreciation Roast Special Honoree: Marie Calderon Special Guest Roasters included in this Banning Bunch: City Clerk, City of Banning, California

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City Manager: Andy Takata City Council Member: Debbie Franklin Chief Of Police: Leonard Purvis Mayor: Bob Botts Former Mayor: Art Welch Former City Manager: Randy Anstine And a Special Mystery Guest Roaster:

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And now your Host and MC for this evenings special event; Please Welcome Mr. Jim Smith…

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Name That TV Show: 5 TV Shows = 5 gift certificates

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Andy Takata (aka) “Flipper” loves to play Water Polo

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But Flipper took it one step further.

Slide 10: 

Flipper Takata

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Come on up Andy…

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Debbie Franklin has always had a secret passion… Can you guess what it is? Here’s a little hint…

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Come On Up Debbie… It’s to be more like her sister “Aretha” Franklin

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Sock it to me! Sock it to me! Sock it to me! Sock it to me! RESPECT!

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Chief Of Police: Leonard Purvis Secret Agent Purvis

Slide 22: 

Secret Agent Purvis

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Car 54 Where Are You

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Time for another commercial product: 5 commercials = 5 gift certificates

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Candidate Bob Botts (One day before his inauguration) Mayor Bob Botts Up for re-election

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Come on up Mayor…

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Former Banning Mayor Art Welch (1st day in office)

Slide 36: 

Former Mayor Art Welch Dreaming about the day’s activities as Mayor

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor Come on up Art…

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Former City Manager: Randy Anstine A man in his own world…

Slide 44: 

Swearing in Chief Purvis

Slide 45: 

With my Golfing Buddies Art Welch and John Daly

Slide 47: 

Come on Up Randy…

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It’s Time To Name That tune: 5 tunes = 5 gift certificates

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It’s time for our “Mystery Guest Roaster”… Come on up Mystery Guest…

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Thank you Christina…

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SPECIAL THANKS: Producer: Randy Caputo Research and Development: Gail Paparian Information Specialist: Suzanna Ronquillo Accounting: Dorothy Carberry Event Host: Highland Springs Resort and Tina Kummerlee Sound/Technical Engineer: Jerry Price Host and MC: Jim Smith AND NOW… ‘Through the Years’ With Marie Calderon

Slide 58: 

With mom

Slide 59: 

10 years old “Sound of Music” costume

Slide 60: 

Mexican Colony Queen

Slide 61: 

Palm Springs H.S

Slide 62: 

18 years old

Slide 63: 

19 years old in Santa Cruz

Slide 64: 

City Clerk/Administration Assistant

Slide 65: 

With Nicole and Bonnie Johnson

Slide 66: 

Cute office girl

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We love you Marie Community Appreciation Roast

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