C++ is a low or high level programming language?

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C++ is known to be a very powerful language. C++ allow you to have a lot of control as to how you use computer resources so, in the right hand its speed and ability to cheaply use resources should be able to surpass other language. thanks to C++'s performance.


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C++(Programming language) psk Technologies BY- SHWETA DODKE Psk technologies pvt. Ltd it company Email: info@psktechnologies.co.in Website: https://www.pskitservices.com/


HISTORY OF C++ In the early 1980’s Bijarne Stroustrup who was working for Bell labs develops c++ . C++ was originally known as C with classes as two language contributed to int design. C++ is a subset of c as it is an Object Oriented Programming. / https://www.pskitservices.com /


OOP’S CONCEPT C ++ is based on OOPS concept. OOPS means Object Oriented Programming. In this concept problem is looked in term of objects rather than procedure. All object oriented programming language has to the following concept in common. Abstraction Encapsulation Polymorphism Inheritance https://www.pskitservices.com/


ABSTRACTION Abstraction is a feature in which only essential details of the object are shown and non-essential details are ignored. Consider the example of a car in a car the accelerator pedal steering wheel and the break pedal are same of the main details essential for driver so these essential details are shown to the driver.This feature simply means looking for what you want. https://www.pskitservices.com/


ENCAPULATION Encapsulation is a feature of hiding the complexity at the data. Consider the example of a car to stop the car we just apply the break and we don’t need the mechanism of breaking system .The mechanism behind breaking is encapsulated this features hides the implementations details of an object and hence also called as data hiding. https://www.pskitservices.com /


POLYMORPHISM The term polymorphism has been derived from Greek words ‘ploy’ and ‘morphism’ which means ‘many ’and ‘form’ respectively. https :// www.pskitservices.com/


INHERITANCE Inheritances is features of creating a new class with the properties of an existing class with the properties of an existing class along with some additional characteristics .Unique to the new class for example. You inheritances some characteristics like your appearance language and certain behavior from your parents and also you have some additional unique characteristics this features is called inheritances. inheritances thus allows responsibility of the code in C++. https://www.pskitservices.com/


INPUT OUTPUT STATEMENT Input output standards for i/o the process of sending the data to the computer is called as i/o and the process of display the data is called as output the<< than and >> symbols used in the program are called cascading operators these are predefined opertors that are used for output and input. Cin with >> symbol  for getting input from the user. Cout with << symbol  to display the output.   >>  extraction operation [get to]. <<  insertion operation [put to ]. https://www.pskitservices.com/


Consider this program //sample program// #include< iostream.h > Void main() { Int number; Cout <<”enter the number”; Cin >>number; } https://www.pskitservices.com/


C++ HAVING FOLLOWING KEYWORDS Asm Catch Float Long Return Auto Default Friend Overload Short Break Do For New Sizeof Case Delete Goto If Singed Static Union Class Inline Else Assigned Const Extern Opertors Protected Continue Enum Integrin Register Template This Char Void Try Type def’n Throw Double valuable public switch Try While private struct virtual https://www.pskitservices.com/


CLASS A class is a similar to a structure data type but it consist of not only data elements but also function which are operated on data elements a class is a way to bind data and its function together. SYNTAX: Class userdefined_name { Private: Data_type member; Public: Data_type member; Member function; }; The body a class is enclosed.   https://www.pskitservices.com/


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