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Architects recommend fitting hurricane resistant entry doors and high impact windows as storm-proofing procedure for every house. Here are 5 reasons why investing in hurricane resistant entry doors and impact windows makes sense. For more detail visit here@ http://www.prostormprotection.com/impact-front-doors


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Why Investing In Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors & Impact Windows Makes Sense? Sea-side house owners may have a wonderful view of the beach and the natural landscape. However, things get little awry when the hurricane alerts arrive. One of the toughest things to deal with in a hurricane-prone area is your house safety. Is your house strong enough to withstand the high impact projectiles and debris flying in with the storm? Call: (800) 511-0184


1. Easy to install: Hurricane resistant entry doors can be installed in less than three hours. Top door installation specialists fix doors and windows at different locations of the house—patio, garage, basement, terrace and main entry. Mid-house and top-floors can also be installed with indoor hurricane impact doors.


2. 100% Breach-Proof: If these doors can withstand hurricane, chances of being breached by saws and burglar tools are also negligible. Yes, hurricane resistant entry doors offer 100% protection against break-ins and robbery attempts. Made of high-quality wood and tempered glass with reinforced metal fibers inside, these doors are hard to breach. They can be fitted with world-class mechanical and electronic locks as well. Sliding doors can be fixed with high-grade aluminum frames with doorjamb. Speaking of security, hurricane resistant entry doors not only look pretty from the outside, they also offer invincible protection while you are sleeping inside or out of house.


3. Permanent Hurricane Protection: When the storm blows at over 100 miles per hour, chances of your regular doors and windows staying affixed are very small. In fact, they are the first things to get ripped apart. With no doors and windows to protect the family members and the property against the deadly gust of wind and accompanying debris, there is no way you can consider your house a safe haven anymore. Installing hurricane impact windows and resistant doors provide permanent protection against the damage that flying debris and projectiles do when the hurricanes strike. According to the top architects in the US, hurricane resistant entry doors can withstand the onslaught of severe storms.


4. Energy efficient: Doors that can save you tons of energy cost? Possible? Oh yes! Installing hurricane resistant entry doors contribute significantly to energy efficiency of the HVAC systems installed inside. The storm-proof doors and impact windows offer a leak-proof ambience. Air, water and dust—these doors and windows can keep everything from entering your space. After all, that’s what they are built for.


5. Noise proof: Complaining of that jackhammer disturbing your matinee plan? Well, installing hurricane resistant entry doors can keep even the harshest of noise away. You may not even hear a Boeing flying past your house. The doors offer superior insulation against the outside noise, and it is an absolute luxury to live inside a house that is free from noise, dust and storm debris. From design and appearance point of view, most hurricane impact door manufacturers don’t compromise on the home design requirements.


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