Mobile Number Portability


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There are times when you are simply frustrated with your network provider and start thinking about hiring a new one. This presentation will show you how you can change your network provider without changing your mobile number.


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Mnp – mobile number portability:

Mnp – mobile number portability

What is mnp?:

What is mnp? Mobile number portability (MNP) is a service that allows a cellphone or smartphone user to change their existing telecom carrier without changing the phone number. Today, all the major telecom companies like Jio , Vodafone, Airtel and so on, provide the service of MNP to their customers.

Steps to port the mobile number:

Steps to port the mobile number Choose the service provider you wish to port your number to. Send a text – “PORT<space>your 10-digit number” to TRAI’s central number – 1900. You will receive an SMS back with a port out code which is valid for only 15 days. Visit the nearest operator store and tell them that you want to port your SIM. You will have to fill the porting form and customer acquisition form. Once you are done with the necessary formalities, obtain your SIM card from the new service provider. You will be charged up to Rs . 19 for porting. The process usually takes 7 days to complete. For Jammu & Kashmir and the North East, it may take up to 15 days. Replace the old SIM with the new SIM provided by your new service provider after the specified date and time.

Things to note:

Things to note The services on your current SIM will not be interrupted during porting process. You can withdraw your porting request within 24 hours of applying. You can easily go through your mnp process today.



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