Prudential Overall Supply: Be A Leader Not A Boss

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Presentation Description | It's not always easy to be the one in charge. However, as a "boss", it's always better to inspire your team and act like a true leader.


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• Impersonal authority figure a “necessary evil” of the workplace • Someone employees feel obligated to agree with rather than challenge uses self-serving “I” language • May or may not provide good leadership

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• Personal and approachable meets employees at their level • Helps others develop in their role • Views self as part of the team uses “we” more often than “I” in discussions that affect the group

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• “Management always takes credit for my/my team’s ideas when talking with higher-ups.” • “I feel like I don’t have the support of management when I’m looking for opportunities to grow.” • “I can’t stand the constant micro- managing.”

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• “I feel like I’m just a cog in the machine.” • “My management is never around. It’s like I report to a ghost.” • “Management expects us to do miracles but they’re never willing to dig in and help.”

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• Get involved with employees and understand your team’s daily work so that you can better anticipate their needs. • Be personable and think of your employees as colleagues rather than people on a lower job tier. • Motivate rather than intimidate. Offer empathy and support during tough projects and long days.

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• Listen as much as possible to understand others’ perspectives before making any final decisions. • Don’t play favorites. This can be difficult when you have a range of personalities and job performances but strive to remain objective. • Invest in your team. Help them go for their career goals rather than holding them back.

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• Manage your time so that you have time available to support your team. Don’t fill your day with back-to-back meetings. • Make sure your team always has the supplies it needs. Pens notebooks anti-fatigue mats or even bathroom soap can make a huge difference when you spend most of your day at work.

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Since 1932 the mission of Prudential Overall Supply has been to: 1. Deliver quality service and products that meet or exceed customer requirements and earn customer satisfaction 2. Develop all team members to achieve their full potential 3. Provide a safe clean and efficient work environment 4. Conduct all business relationships with integrity From custom work shirts to restaurant napkins offers top-quality uniforms and facilities supplies to customers across a variety of industries. To learn more about how Prudential Overall Supply can help you support your team call us today at 800 767-5536.

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Summary It’s not as easy as you might think to be the one in charge. Find out how to inspire your team and act like a true leader instead of just a “boss.”

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