Buying Uniforms vs. Renting Uniforms

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Buying Uniforms vs. Renting Uniforms:

Prudential Overall Supply Buying Uniforms vs. Renting Uniforms

Should You Lease or Buy Your Uniforms?:

Should You Lease or Buy Your Uniforms? Uniforms give your employees a crisp, professional appearance. You can choose to purchase or rent your work clothing. There are many compelling reasons for either choice, so take a moment to find the right choice for you.

Reasons to Buy Uniforms:

Reasons to Buy Uniforms Your employees may prefer to take their uniforms home every night. Purchasing uniforms gives employees more freedom to choose the styles that fit them best. You may prefer to let your employees own their uniforms instead of renting them.

Reasons to Rent Uniforms:

Reasons to Rent Uniforms Your uniforms are professionally cleaned for you. Each uniform is custom-fitted for your employees. Uniform rentals can be tailored as needed if your employees lose or gain weight.

The Benefits of Uniforms:

The Benefits of Uniforms Uniforms make it easy for customers to identify staff. Enforcing a uniform policy is easier than enforcing a dress code. Uniforms present a professional look that elevates the status of your business.

Rent or Buy, Uniforms are Always a Great Choice for Business:

Rent or Buy, Uniforms are Always a Great Choice for Business Whether you rent or buy, uniforms are a great way to promote your company. Your employees will appreciate the clean, comfortable choices. Customers will trust your employees more when they are wearing a work uniform.

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