Problem Solving in Kindergarten

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We have learned through research review and experience that children learn to solve problems by having the process modeled and practiced repeatedly in the classroom. It is important to remember that the correct process is as important as finding the correct solution. This process is referred to when problems are encountered in math as well as life skills. Children also work together weekly to solve a Tricky Thursday problem.


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Problem Solving in Kindergarten : 

Problem Solving in Kindergarten Tricky Thursday February 4, 2010

Here’s the problem! : 

Here’s the problem! Lizzy had lots of toy animals. She had 3 teddy bears. She had 5 puppies. She had 2 turtles. Which animal did she like the most? Use the 4 step problem solving method.

First Step- READ : 

First Step- READ Ask: “What do I need to know?” We can find the important parts! Underline what is important.

Plan- How can I solve this? : 

Plan- How can I solve this? I can make a graph. I can draw a picture. I can act it out. I can look for a pattern.

Solve- : 

Solve- I can solve a problem by myself, with a partner, or with all my friends.

Look Back-Does my answer make sense? : 

Look Back-Does my answer make sense?

Look at some of our answers! : 

Look at some of our answers!

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