Benefits of installing kitchen chimneys in Indian kitchens

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slide 1: s Benefits of installing kitchen chimneys in Indian kitchens

slide 2: One of the most important places in an Indian house is the kitchen. It is considered as sacred as temple and keeping it clean and tidy is the most important task of the family members. A homemaker takes the responsibility to keep the kitchen spic-and-span but after the whole day’s work it would be a tough job to maintain the kitchen. Moreover Indian cooking means use of oil and spices that emits with the smoke while cooking. As a result these oil particles get collected as greasy strains on kitchen walls and ceilings making the kitchen dirty. Many popular kitchen chimney brands in Kolkata and around manufacture kitchen chimneys that are stylish yet functional.

slide 3: Earlier people had no means to save the kitchen from smoke marks and greasy oil strains and kitchens would look terrible when compared to the rest of house. Then kitchen exhaust fans were introduced that were installed in the kitchen near the cooking area to pull in the smoke emitted from the kitchen and pass it outside. But it was not the most efficient appliance as it couldn’t function well in heavy cooking. The limited functionality of exhaust fans perhaps was the prime reason behind the invention of kitchen chimneys. Many kitchen chimney dealers in Kolkata and other cities still get prospects who believe exhaust fans are enough for their kitchen and it is tough to convince them for the chimneys. Benefits of installing custom kitchen chimneys Kitchen chimneys are one of the least-valued kitchen appliances that many people find useless in the kitchen. Many people think kitchen chimneys make their kitchen look good so they prefer buying stylish kitchen chimneys even if they need to compromise with its features. However very few people know how kitchen chimneys are the most important kitchen appliances especially for the modern-age modular kitchens. One loves to keep his or house sprinkling clean but with heavy Indian cooking methods it is difficult to keep the kitchen tidy. Kitchen chimneys come here as a rescue. There are a number of other benefits of installing kitchen chimneys discussed below- ➢ Helps in keeping kitchen walls clean and safe- With traditional chimneys or exhaust fans kitchens walls and ceilings become black and greasy oil strains damage the beautiful walls. Kitchen chimneys with high suction power that pulls in the oil

slide 4: particles and smoke from the cooking and keeps the walls and ceilings clean. However the kitchen chimneys should be cleaned periodically as excess oil accumulation may affect its functioning and can damage the chimney parts. ➢ Keeps cooking smells at bay- Kitchen chimneys with good suction power helps keep the aroma inside the kitchen and rooms remain unaffected from the smell. Even if one has invited the guests kitchen chimneys do not give them the chance to guess the menu by getting the smell of food that’s getting cooked for them. ➢ Looks beautiful and gives the kitchen a facelift- The kitchen area looks aesthetically appealing once the kitchen chimney is installed. One can choose the desired shape size and design of kitchen chimney that he or she wants to install and that matches with the kitchen interiors. However one should keep in mind to check for the functionality before design and color. ➢ Helps prevent sneezing- Few spices when put in the hot oil while cooking emit a spicy fume that makes people sneeze. Good kitchen chimneys with high suction power absorb the fumes and helps prevent sneezing. There are a number of kitchen chimneys available in the market with various properties but it is essential to understand the requirements of the household to install a standard chimney that is functional and stylish.

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