Things To Know Before You Choose African Safari Tours


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Things To Know Before You Choose African Safari Tours:

Things To Know Before You Choose African Safari Tours

Amazing landscapes:

Amazing landscapes Whether you are a wildlife photographer or just love to capture nature’s essence with your phone to share on Instagram , every place to visit in Tanzania has amazing backdrops.

Best time to travel to Tanzania?:

Best time to travel to Tanzania? The best months for a Tanzania safari are from June to October, June and July for the wildebeest migration and January to February for calving season.


Visa for Tanzania There is now the option to apply for the Tanzania electronic evisa , where you can apply online by filling out a form. Currency Tanzania The national currency is known as Tanzanian Shilling. The best foreign currency to carry to Tanzania is US dollars which is widely accepted and does not need to be exchanged.

Is it safe to travel to Tanzania?:

Is it safe to travel to Tanzania? Tanzania is a safe destination for tourists, taking general precaution is advised. Book tours and trips from well-known companies and refrain from paying any additional fees in advance.

Hike at Kilimanjaro:

Hike at Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro is located near the town of Moshi which is few minutes from Kilimanjaro Airport, it is also a protected area under Tanzania National parks. Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most accessible high summits, a beacon for visitors from around the world.

Food in Tanzania:

Food in Tanzania Traditional African food is a fusion of Indian and Arab recipes. Zanzibar obviously has delicious seafood on offer.


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