Enjoy your African Safari Tours with Promised Land Tours Limited


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Tanzania has a versatile geography that attracts people from around the world. To travel to country one should take help from a reliable and reputed travel agency. Know more: https://promisedlandtours.co.tz/


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Enjoy your African Safari Tours with Promised Land Tours Limited promisedlandtours.co.tz


Best African Safari Tours The country Tanzania is situated in the eastern part of African continent. The geographical location has enriched the country with high mountains and dense forest. Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in the country. Apart from that three great lakes are also found in the country. Among the three great lakes, the largest lake called Victoria is also one of the geographical significance of the country. Due to its versatile geographical significance the country draws attention of a large number of tourists from all across the world. The country is has a rich wild life this is the reason the country attracts professional wild life photographers and researches from across the world. promisedlandtours.co.tz


Forest safari in Tanzania Promised Land Tours Limited offers the safari to experience amazing wildlife species. Apart from that, the agency offers mountain climbing, traditional culture tourism and beach holidays in Tanzania. The aim of the travel agency is to provide the best package at an affordable cost. The agency does not compromise when it comes to the quality of the service. They are passionate about making your forest safari memorable. According to the agency, their service makes every traveler their ambassador. promisedlandtours.co.tz


Mountain climbing in Tanzania Taking help from Promised Land Tours Limited will let you know the less crowded season of the year. The agency provides all the comfort and facilities during the safari. They arrange the safari vehicle, permit of motor vehicle, entry passes of the national parks, driver and guide, packed lunch and soft drinks. The country Tanzania is known for its dense forest and rich wildlife. Keeping it in mind the travel agency has designed their trips where wildlife viewing activities take a significant space. promisedlandtours.co.tz


The travel agency provides all the necessary information regarding traveling to Tanzania. When it comes to the wildlife conservation of the country, Serengeti National Park is unmatchable in the world. The travelers fond of mountaineering are drawn to Mount Kilimanjaro. The agency designs package that includes climbing. Why to choose the travel agency? promisedlandtours.co.tz


The agency is a reputed agency with trust worthy people who are always ready to help the foreign tourists. Their team is constructed with friendly yet experienced people who have the idea about the country. They provide reliable and knowledgeable guides who are fluent in English so that tourist can continue an uninterrupted communication. They have flexible booking and payment terms so that tourist does not face any hindrance during the booking process. Get Best Tanzania Safari Packages promisedlandtours.co.tz


CONTACT US Address : Kanisani , Arusha , Tanzania Website: https://promisedlandtours.co.tz / E-mail : geofrey@promisedlandtours.co.tz Phone:+255 624 444 445 https://twitter.com/PromisedTours https://www.instagram.com/promisedlandtoursltd/ https://www.facebook.com/Promised-Land-Tours-Ltd-404770283621754/?_rdc=1&_rdr promisedlandtours.co.tz



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