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Promised land Tours agent is a growing company offering luxurious wildlife safaris, Mountain climbing, Beach holidays and Traditional cultural tourism. Know more: https://promisedlandtours.co.tz/


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Welcome to Promised Land Tours Limited:

Welcome to Promised Land Tours Limited www.promisedlandtours.co.tz


About Promised Land Tours: Promised land Tours agent is a growing company offering luxurious wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, Beach holidays and traditional culture tourism in Tanzania.The company started with a passion to inspire everyone outside Tanzania to exploit wonderful expeditions found in the country at an affordable cost with the best quality services. We want to make your Safari the best memorable luxurious event that you will not only make a once off event but a lifetime holiday event whenever you think about Safari. It is our objective goal and ambition to offer the best quality services that will prompt everyone served by us to become our ambassador hence recommending the use of our Travel agency to people around him/her.


WHAT WE DO! Wildlife Safari Adventures: Experience the real African wilds from Serengeti and the fascinating Ngorongoro Crater . Mountain Climbing/Trekking: Tanzania is the home of Mt. Kilimanjaro . Beach Holidays: Enjoy the clean beach of Zanzibar, Pangani and More Cultural Safaris: Tanzania and Africa have fascinating cultures,  explore it.


COMMON ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Viewing A ctivities: Tanzania is well known for its Wildlife Viewing activities, at Off the Beaten Track Safaris we have programs that will make you explore Tanzania’s National Parks and witness all the major wildlife. These adventures are not limited to the Great Migration, Birding and Night Game Drives.


Mountain Climbing: An ascent of Mawenzi requires rock climbing and/or snow/ice climbing skills. The climb to Uhuru Peak is considered to be a relatively straightforward endeavour; however, ample time must still be provided for proper acclimatization to prevent altitude sickness. The three shortest routes, Marangu , Rongai and Machame can be climbed by a person of good health and limited mountaineering experience.


Cultural Safaris: The diversity of Tanzania culture appeals to a large number of people coming from distant areas across the globe. The various forms of Tanzania culture are language, painting, sculpture, national anthem, popular dance music and art.The most important contribution towards the culture of Tanzania has been done by the language.


Beach Holidays: There are beautiful places on this planet and one among of these places are in Tanzania. Beach Holidays in Tanzania will always fascinate you, The beaches themselves are one of the leading on the East African coast which will inspire scuba divers and snorkelers. You deserve to have the best honeymoon safari with your partner. There are many ways the perfect honeymoon can be designed.


CONTACT US: Promised Land Tours Limited Address : Old Moshi Road - NSSF Mafao House,Kanisani,Arusha,Tanzania Email : geofrey@promisedlandtours.co.tz Phone Number : + 255 624 444 445 Website : https ://promisedlandtours.co.tz/



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