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BEC NARRATIVE REPORT The journey of the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) in the Archdiocese of Palo, begun after the First Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly (FAPA) last June 18-22, 1996.From this gathering the participants formulated Vision – Mission of the Archdiocese, giving specific goal and objectives .

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two (2) General Provisions was formulated namely;1.) Evangelization is the primary work of all in the Archdiocese of Palo. Hence, it is pursued always as the number one concern by all the clergy, religious and laity under the leadership of the Archbishop. 2.) Building Basic Ecclesial Communities shall be the goal of all evangelization efforts in the Archdiocese .

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Three years after the FAPA, there was that initial effort to implement the fruit of the assembly. Tabon - Tabon parish was opened and made as the pilot area for BEC, slowly the work of re evangelization as BEC as the tool take off from the ground and come to reality. But its progress and growth were disrupted by the changes of the mission clergy. Some clergy were not yet prepared with this new approach of being church so the value and dream of becoming a new way of being church was put aside for a time being.

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Year 2006 of November, on the occasion of the 10 th year anniversary of the FAPA the clergy together with lay representative revisited the FAPA documents. One of the significant events was the declaration of the pastoral thrust: building Basic Ecclesial Community. 2 months past after this APCCR, during the yearly ongoing formation of the clergy held in Cebu, majority of the priests express their support & commitment to the pastoral thrust.


Goal: Renewed Integral Evangelization through the formation of BECs GOAL AND OBJECTIVES: Since then from June 2006 the initial step towards the implementation of the pastoral thrust was undertaken and slowly BEC has taken off in some parishes.


To assess the progress of existing BECs in the light of FAPA, APCCR and Pastoral Thrust Implementation. To recruit and train archdiocesan pastoral workers. To conduct ongoing integral faith formation seminars and other human formation seminars for our parish servant leaders so they will become effective evangelizers. To conduct regular archdiocesan, vicariate, parish meetings and follow –up. To provide training modules for the ongoing formation of volunteer BEC leaders. To mobilize BEC members to engage in life giving growth, assemblies, fiesta and fellowship. To establish linkages with government agencies, NGOs for development of people & communities. Objectives:


BEC TODAY…… From the time the clergy owned the pastoral thrust, formal implementation slowly initiated in the different parishes. with the presence of the Daughters of Charity sister in the name of Sister Roberta Simbajon , DC commonly known as Sr. Betty, DC who became an inspiration for the clergy and lay faithful in the realization of this work of evangelization.

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Palo has no particular model been followed to start with. Rather we adopt materials from Tagum , DC sisters, Calbayog and Naval. What was the beauty why some parishes have organized BEC because some priests made themselves available and involved in the initiate work which gives inspiration, enlivening, and encouragement to the lay faithful. The priests walk along with their leaders.

The process of taking the initial step is as follows::

The process of taking the initial step is as follows: a. Community organizing such as recruitment of the pastoral workers, BEC Awareness campaign, family survey, clustering of neighboring families, weekly prayer sessions and monthly meetings. This initial work is vital in the building & strengthening of FGs & BECs. It seeks to form the community into a cohesive whole.

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2. Ongoing Education and formation sessions of the pioneering and emerging leaders and members such as BOS, BBS, leadership training, adult Christian formation, political education, and integrity of creation seminars geared towards integral faith formation, sense of community and social consciousness were conducted. To sustain the quality of the BEC requires holistic formation needs to be grounded in life’s realities, relationships and daily community living.


3. This formation leads to developmental services which move towards self- reliance as a community; thus fostering the values of co- responsibility, team work and solidarity. At present only 2 vicariates; Palompon and Ormoc have a clear image of community organizing, though few parishes are trying to cope up in reviving the inactive “ nagluya ” FGs and BECs. The BEC priests in charge for these 2 vicariates together with other priests were faithful in their attendance during monthly vicariate meetings. They assist the leaders towards holistic and integral formation Situation:


Situation: At present only 2 vicariates; Palompon and Ormoc have a clear image of community organizing, though few parishes are trying to cope up in reviving the inactive “ nagluya ” FGs and BECs. The BEC priests in charge for these 2 vicariates together with other priests were faithful in their attendance during monthly vicariate meetings. They assist the leaders towards holistic and integral formation

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They encourage members to hold yearly assembly, BEC fiesta and small fellowship to enliven their participation and teaching them as one community of disciples. Other vicariates had a hard time in the initial stage of forming BECs. Some parishes were stuck up in the family survey, while other parishes in their initial stage need trained and skilled leaders who will assist them on community building.

Problems: :

Problems: New & emerging leaders need more training to acquire more skills, techniques & approaches on community building. Priests factor such as: presence during meetings, priority concern of the parish other than BEC, lack of support to the organized FGs & BECs change of assignment. 3 . Lack of finances to sustain the activi ties.

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Irregular responses from the members Lack of committed and trained leaders. Economic problem. Conflict of political affiliation. Lack of family support. Interpersonal relationship


HIGHLIGHTS: Involvement of FGs in the church activities (church of the poor) Emergence of more leaders Sense of communitarian attitude Priests visibility in the community Greater awareness in social, political & ecological concern Availability of the sacraments to the community Linkage of sacraments with socio-ecological concern e.g. plant a tree

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BEC cooperative ( Matlang BEC) BEC congress, Assemblies, fiesta, fellowship Community - based health program Lay empowerment


RECOMMENDATIONS: Priests who are active in the implementation of BEC should be assigned to parishes where BECs have taken off. BEC concern should be part in their yearly clergy ongoing formation. All members of the parish ministry, commission or any parish worker should belong to a neighborhood family group (FG).

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BEC support system between priests and laity. Including BEC during homilies on Sunday Masses and Sunday Services of EMOHC. Giving recognition to the active FGs & BECs. WESTY activities and apostolate geared towards BEC. Commissioning of FG & BEC servant leaders. Annual recollection & retreat of the BEC workers. Encourage BEC fiesta, fellowship and assemblies

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Attendance to regional, national seminars and updating of the emerging leaders to acquire more skills and techniques. BEC RECOMMENDATION FOR DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATION: Launching activity Motorcade/ parade with tri-media coverage Exposure through Exhibits in Robinsons Film showing Video & photo exhibit Talk

Sustaining activities:

Family Bible Quiz Sports competition( BEC youth ) Pilgrimages Symposia in schools Medical & Dental Free Clinic Bundle of joy ( Christmas ) Sustaining activities


HIGHLIGHTS Archdiocesan BEC Congress Libreng Binyagan at Kasalan sa Cathedral Libreng Bibliya sa Bawat FG

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