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Project Makan : 

Project Makan Market Research Session aidha

Understanding Your Market : 

Understanding Your Market No business can succeed without customers! The customer is king! What is the canteen’s target market? What service do they want from the canteen? What ‘value-add’ can the canteen provide?

Research Methods : 

Research Methods Analyzing sales patterns Analyzing competitor activity Surveying current customers Surveying potential customers

Survey Methodology : 

Survey Methodology Create/adapt a survey instrument ‘Select’ your research participants Collect the data Enter the data Analyze the data

Types of Survey Questions : 

Types of Survey Questions Demographic Open – ended What dish would you most like the canteen to serve? Fixed Choice Please identify which of the three dishes below you would most like to have served at the canteen? Chicken rice Nasi Padang Chili Con Carne

Your Learning Assignment : 

Your Learning Assignment Create a new/expanded survey instrument. Collect feedback from 5 current customers 5 potential customers Enter and analyze your results. Visit and evaluate one ‘competitor’ Generate a short (half page) report with your findings & suggestions for canteen improvement. 6) Don’t forget your student write-up!

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