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Impacting Lives throughSpiritual and Economic Transformation of Families and Communities : 

Impacting Lives throughSpiritual and Economic Transformation of Families and Communities 2010 Programming

Our Mission : 

Our Mission Project Impact South Bend, Inc. is committed to developing meaningful employment opportunities for women and men of scars. It is our aim to organize, train and facilitate transformational differences in the lives of individuals, families, organizations and inner-city neighborhoods. We do this by reducing youth and domestic violence through Impact programs such as: Job Creation, Job Training and Placement, Tutoring, Youth Counseling, Parent Education and Mentoring with immediate and on-going follow-up support. We seek to substantially enhance the development of economic alternatives for the high risk individuals on the streets. We create opportunities for skills-building, income generation, wealth creation and community-building in debilitated communities.

Our Story : 

Our Story Programs: Men of Scars – Job Readiness Training Daughters of Destiny Sons of Destiny Parenting for Success Computer Literacy Mothers Against Poverty Dare to Be King Entrepreneurship Training Supporting the Individual, the Family and the Community

Why?... The Imperative : 

Why?... The Imperative Offenders are generally returned to the last county of legal residence before commitment to prison. In 2008 there were 610 adults released from IDOC to St. Joseph County; there has been an increase of about 50 to 100 each yr. The majority of inmates are released from Prison without savings and poor prospects for employment Unemployment among offenders, directly influences increased crime, as well as, other social ills related to both domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse

Why? … The imperative : 

Why? … The imperative It costs approximately $35,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate that is young and relatively healthy. Cost to society increases as the ex-felon returns to Prison Higher Property Taxes Higher Business Taxes Less spending on Education Increased cost to Local Law Enforcement Increased cost to Criminal Justice System Increased costs to Local and State Government TOTAL COST ~ $50K PER PERSON … PER YEAR

Why? … The Imperative : 

Why? … The Imperative A reclaimed citizen will … Pay Rent. Support the Community. Pay Taxes. Reduce negative role model effects of non productive offenders in the Community. Become a positive role model and mentor youth.

Our Story : 

Our Story Who we are: 20+ year old ministry assist at risk families 501c-3 training, counseling and education services intervention, parenting education, skills acquisition, and job training goal help to improve quality of life through increased self reliance, personal accountability economic empowerment.

Information Technology youth program : 

Information Technology youth program Working with WorkOne Targets 17 – 21 year old, low income participants with one or more of the following barriers reading or math skills high school dropout homeless runaway foster child pregnant and/or a young parent criminal history need help to complete high school need help getting or keeping a job

IT Youth Program : 

IT Youth Program 5 key components to the program Life Skills training GED training Paid Internships Paid training Job opportunities Life Skills Training Intense life skills training that focuses on the qualities, behaviors and activities necessary to live a productive, effective and successful life. Individualized assessment to determine areas of focus and opportunities for improvement Personal one on one coaching to enhance development Referral to community programs for necessary support Daily discussion group sessions GED training where necessary

IT Youth Program : 

IT Youth Program GED Training Project Impact has partnered with Learning Generations Initiative to provide superior GED training 42 students working on completion Training completion is tracking at three times the average rate Individualized tutoring and support where needed

Slide 11: 

Paid Internship and Training Upon successful completion of the 4 week Life Skills training, students are eligible for a paid internship providing the following skills:  Computer Recycling Computer Refurbishing Computer Sales and Marketing Software applications Computer Aided Design Presentation and Video production Microsoft Office Certification Job Opportunity Students who successfully complete all areas of the training and perform satisfactorily will be offered an entry level employment opportunity IT Youth Program

Slide 12: 

Key Outcomes for 2010 program: * Due to attrition we trained a total of 92 to keep 60 throughout the program ** All but 9 have completed or have passed the practice test and are ready. We expect all 42 to have completed by the end of the month.

Adult Life Skills Program : 

Adult Life Skills Program Partnering with the City of South Bend 18 and older Low income Chronically unemployed Ex-offenders Curriculum based on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People plus a faith-based component called Deeds of the Flesh, Fruits of the Spirit Residents of Airport Economic Development Area and Urban Enterprise Zone

Slide 14: 

Objective: Implement a comprehensive job readiness training initiative to serve the employment needs of local businesses and Recruit and train potential employees from the increasing population of ex-offenders returning to our community in need of employment, as well as the large pool of inner city low income, low skilled hard core unemployed including section 3 residents in our public housing areas. Adult Life Skills Program

Slide 15: 

Key Outcomes for 2009 program: *Original plan called for 2 training classes ie, 25 per class. 82 trained initially due to demand. **Includes full time and temporary positions within PISB

Slide 16: 

Our Research and Evidence Based Curriculum combine the highly acclaimed 40 days to a life of Gold for youth and 7 Habits of Highly Effective people for adults plus our own Deeds of the Flesh/Fruits of the Spirit

Apparel manufacture training Sewing Threading Stitch Pad Operation Joining pieces Reading Patterns Laying Out Patterns Cutting and Press operation Press Operation Cutting techniques Apparel ManufacturingProgram

Legal AssistanceProgram PISB/IUSB Legal Advisor Program – Program participants: Are trained to research cases on behalf of attorneys. Partner with IUSB students and professors to learn research techniques and criminal law precedent. Gain opportunities to pursue education in criminal justice the relationship with IUSB has begun. Become eligible to earn scholarships, credit for the work done, or financial aid.

Access To Recovery : 

Access To Recovery PISB is a certified ATR provider Services we provide include: Transportation Employment Services Family and Marital Counseling Parenting Education Peer to Peer Coaching

Agape-Satyagraha Conflict Resolution Training : 

Agape-Satyagraha Conflict Resolution Training PISB was selected to Pilot this renowned Youth Leadership training Program in South Bend Anti Violence program for youth 11-18 years of age Youth advance from one level of knowledge and skill to the next Youth advance through 5 levels: white, green, blue, brown, & black Each youth advances at their own speed An adult or youth at a higher level helps the youth learn the knowledge and skills One adult or youth mentor for every 2 or 3 youth participating Meetings are one hour long Youth who are making good progress go on award outings

Kroc Center Construction : 

Kroc Center Construction The Salvation Army, has set a record target of 18% women and minority participation in this major construction project. PISB has been working with the Salvation Army and Turner Construction to identify and prepare individuals to meet this target.

Turner Construction Management School : 

Turner Construction Management School Turner Construction company selected PISB to host their Construction Management School to bring new skills and capabilities to women and minority construction businesses in South Bend. On August 3, 2010 the first class graduated. Congratulations to all participants.

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We get by with a little help From our Friends Thank You!

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