Professional PowerPoint Presentation Design Tips

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Does your presentation fail to grab your viewer's attention ? Read through this PPT and avail few professional PPT design tips.


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The best PPT presentations shouldn’t be remembered. Instead, they should fall into the background to support you and the message you’re trying to get across.

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What Makes a PowerPoint Presentation successful?

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Designed properly Visually appealing graphic elements with strong points

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Researched , intended, and arranged professionally to deliver the correct message to your audience successfully. Target audience

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Error free design Avoid meaningless cliparts , shapes and paragraphs

Professional presentation tips:

Professional presentation tips


Plan Before starting your design understand the images, text etc. to integrate into the PPT to deliver the message to audience


Highlight Highlight the important key points

Target Audience:

Target Audience Understand your target audience before you start your design


Simple Keep Your Slides Simple

Word Limitation:

Word Limitation Avoid using paragraphs Use bullets for key points


Multimedia Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics

Charts and Graphs :

Charts and Graphs Use correct and appropriate Charts and Graphs

Fonts :

Fonts Use professional font with proper line space and size


Color Use eye pleasing colors


Formatting Clean + Easy Formatting Makes All the variation!

Things to avoid:

Things to avoid

Avoid Over-Formatting :

Avoid Over-Formatting

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Limit Punctuation

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Avoid paragraphs

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Avoid Using Flashy Slide Transitions

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Beware of Clipart

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Less is more (effective). Use PowerPoint Presentation Templates for better design and more effective visual impact.  Just remember

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