Outsourcing-A Boon For Small Businesses


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This ppt shows why outsourcing is such an effective option to choose for small businesses in order to save costs and improve productivity and profits.


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Outsourcing a boon for small businesses

Slide 2:

Meet Mr. Vincent Burton

Slide 3:

Running small business in USA

Slide 4:

Struggling to focus on core business activities

Slide 5:

Resulting in profit reduction and increase in expenditure

Slide 6:

After thinking long and hard he decided to outsource

Slide 7:

His expenditure reduced and he gained significant profits

Slide 8:

Are you struggling as a small business owner – to save cost? to improve productivity ? to focus on your core business and increase revenue?

Slide 9:

The solution for all your problems is outsourcing

Slide 10:

The Advantages of Outsourcing

Slide 11:

Offshore your non-core activities and focus more on your core business.

Slide 12:

Increase in efficiency and productivity in non-core business processes.

Slide 13:

Business operations are streamlined and you gain more business control.

Slide 14:

Time, resources, operating costs are saved giving you overall cost savings.

Slide 15:

Proficient results within a fast turnaround time.

Slide 16:

Cater to any challenging demands of your existing and new customers.

Slide 17:

Business risks are mutually shared.

Slide 18:

To stay ahead of competition, concentrate on core competencies and make use of the latest technologies, outsourcing helps to achieve all this and more. 

Slide 20:

Loss of project management Control

Slide 21:

Possible Hidden Costs

Slide 22:

Threat to data Security and Confidentiality

Slide 23:

Issues with service Quality

Slide 24:

100% dedication towards your project might not be provided.

Slide 25:

But all of these disadvantages can be avoided by partnering with the right service provider

Slide 26:

How to choose right service provider ?

Slide 27:

Check for proven testimonials and reviews

Slide 28:

Ask for customer references

Slide 29:

Check for organizational stability

Slide 30:

Ensure compatibility of culture

Slide 32:

Most of the jobs are done at reasonable rates.

Slide 33:

Access to highly talented work force and skilled pool of resources.

Slide 34:

Time-zone difference confirms that your processes operate 24/7.

Slide 35:

Staffing flexibility and companies can scale up or down as per needs.

Slide 36:

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