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Bruno Bettelheim:

Bruno Bettelheim Steve Wood


Significance Following the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Bruno Bettelheim revolutionized the field of child psychology. Many of his theories about autism and child development remain controversial. His theories about the impaortance of fairy tales remain his greatest accomplishment.

The Life of Bruno Bettelheim:

The Life of Bruno Bettelheim 1903 – Born 1938 – Sent to a Nazi concentration camp 1939 – Escaped to the United States 1943 – Published a study based on his experiences in the camps Individual and Mass Behavior in Extreme Situations

The Life of Bruno Bettelheim:

The Life of Bruno Bettelheim 1950 – Published his study of emotionally disturbed children Love Is Not Enough 1976 – Published his study of the teaching value of fairy tales The Uses of Enchantment 1990 – Despondent over his failing health and the death of his wife, he committed suicide.

The Uses of Enchantment:

The Uses of Enchantment Bettelheim argued that fairy tales teach children important lessons on the level of the unconscious mind.

Hansel and Gretel :

Hansel and Gretel For example, the story of Hansel and Gretel teaches children to be ready to take care of themselves and not to be taken in by appearances.


Links To read a selection from The Uses of Enchantment , click here . For a good overview of his life and work, click here .

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