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If you are new to Stock Option Trading and want to know “How to Trade in Stock Market”, then you can find your queries related to option in the following content presented by Profitaim Research.


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How to Trade in Stock Options Complete Guide for Stock Option Trading

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Content What is an option? Breaking Down the Option chain How I do trade in Options? Entries and Exits Selling options for Income

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What is an Option? An Option is an agreement between buyer and seller. Gives the RIGHT to the BUYERS and the OBLIGATIONS to the SELLER to buy or sell the stocks, at a later date, at a certain place. 1 Contract = 100 shares Premium: Price per contract of the option (Bid and Ask). Strike: Price that shares can be bought for call options, or sold for put options.

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Option Classifications Call Option Put Option

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Call Option

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Put Option

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Option Classifications Call Option : an option which gives a right to buy the underlying asset at a strike price. Put Option : an option which gives a right to sell the underlying asset at strike price. Both the Call and Put option buyers are buying the rights, that is they are transferring their risks to the sellers of the option. For this transfer of risk to the sellers, buyers have to compensate by paying Option Premium. Option premium is also known as Price of the option, Cost or Value of the option.

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Buying and Selling Options Think Stock in Bullish Buy Calls Think Stock in Bearish Buy Puts Think Stock in Bearish Buy Puts Think Stock in Bearish Buy Puts Think Stock in Bearish Buy Puts Pay a premium Unlimited Reward Limited Risk

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“ Buy to Open” and “Sell to Close” Possible in a Cash Account-Low Capital Required Pattern Day Trading does not apply to Cash Accounts Option settle the next day not 3 days

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The Stock Option Chain Volume: Contracts traded in current day Open Interest: Outstanding contracts not yet exercised Delta: +/- of option price related to $1 move in stock. Gamma: Measures rate of change of Delta Theta: Time decay, drop in price of option per day Vega: Measures change in Volatility

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Example: Delta 0.4, stock moves up $1, the option goes up 0.40 Gamma 0.1, Delta goes to 0.5 if stock moves up $1 Theta 0.08, Option price losses that per day all else equal

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Entries and Exit Which options to play? Bid/Ask Range Volume/Liquidity In or Out of the Money Stop Loss Much more tricky than with stocks Wide bid and ask stop out Sell while the stock is moving in your direction at the ask, not chasing the bid down.

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Selling Options for Consistent Income “Sell to Open” Paid premium right way Only for companies you WANT to own, even with no intention to do so Stock stays above strike, you keep premium and walk away Stock falls below, you keep premium but must buy 100 shares per contract Margin vs. Cash

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