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my presentation by Reyna amaya

Copan ruins of Honduras : 

Copan ruins of Honduras This was the splendid of Mayan city.

who live there ? : 

who live there ? The Mayans were the first to live in the Copan ruins of Honduras.

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The building are so well built they stand still today. The great architecture

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Mayan were polytheism they believe in many gods. Like the Rain god, Sun god, and the Water god. Mayan’s religion

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The Mayan had 2 calendars 365-day agricultural calendar and as well as a 260-day sacred calendar. There calendar of 365 calendar is the most correct. It the calendar we use today. Mayan’s calendar

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The Indian was a hero he help fight against the Spanish. He lead the Indian to battle. The hero lempira

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They honor the Indian by put him on the lempira. 1 U.S.A dollar is worth 18.89 lempira. The money of Honduras

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Each year July 20 in Honduras we celebrate Lempira the Hero. We make a big parade many people wear a Indian clothing. Fiesta patria lempira

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Maya civilization began to collapse in the 900s. People stopped building temples and structures. This was the end of the great Maya civilization. The decline of Mayan civilization

I hope you enjoy my presentation…! The end! : 

I hope you enjoy my presentation…! The end!

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