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My Presentation : 

My Presentation By Alicia Collins-Heredia ESL Class 506 Spring 2009

cockatails : 


New born cockatails : 

New born cockatails

Veterinarian clinic : 

Veterinarian clinic The common gray cockatail

The pearl cockatiel : 

The pearl cockatiel Emergencies Bleeding Diarrhea Difficulty breathing Inability to Stand or Walk Seizures vomiting

The Lutino cockatiel : 

The Lutino cockatiel Avoid this beverages and food

Poisonous vegetables : 

Poisonous vegetables The Falllow Cockatiels rhubarb

Cleaning cages and bowls : 

Cleaning cages and bowls Cinnamon cockatiel

Do not have this items in your House : 

Do not have this items in your House White Face Hen

Healthy food : 

Healthy food The piel cockatiel

Birds need love : 

Birds need love The White-faced cockatiel

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