How Bad Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

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Home air quality has recently become an important health and safety concern. Bad indoor air quality can causes various infections, asthma and etc. Indoor air pollution is much worse than outdoor air quality.


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How Bad Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health :

How Bad Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Weight Gain:

Weight Gain It is possible that your compromised indoor air could be contributing to the elevated number you see on the scale. Many things can be an added factor to weight gain including metabolism, genetics, and shockingly enough the air you breathe in every day . 2


Congestion Catching a cold every so often is never fun, but bad  indoor air quality  can result in a common cold that seems to linger longer than it should. Congestion, wheezing, and difficulty breathing may develop over time.  3


Headaches Headaches can also be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have an unusual sense of feeling sleepy and have a headache, you should step outside to get some fresh, clean air . 4


Nosebleeds Bad IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) can also cause nosebleeds. Particles in the air irritate the sensitive hairs in your nose and cause it to bleed.  5


Asthma Asthma, a respiratory disease, can be severely impacted by bad indoor  air quality  and can be caused by breathing in toxic air pollutants in your environment . 6

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