Social And Economic Impact Of Air pollution

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There are quantifiably many, But here mentioned some impact. The severity of air pollution has differed according to the nearness. For more details, Check Prkruti.


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The market impacts of outdoor air pollution are projected to lead to global economic costs that gradually increase to 1% of global GDP by 2060. Costs related to additional health expenditures and labour productivity losses dominate in the long run.

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The financial sources that could have devoted to poverty elimination are now being used for preventing air pollution and that too majorly in urban areas. So, People living in remote places and tribal regions are being deprived of funds. Furthermore, the respiratory diseases caused by air pollution warrant heavy health expenditure that can push many families into poverty.

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Outdoor air pollution kills more than 3 million people across the world every year, and causes health problems from asthma to heart disease for many more. This is costing societies very large amounts in terms of the value of lives lost and ill health .

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The Mortality Risk Valuation in Environment, Health and Transport Policies (2012) presents a major meta-analysis of “value of a statistical life” (VSL) estimates derived from surveys where people around the world have been asked about their willingness to pay for small reduction in mortality risks.

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