Cause Of Air And Water Pollution

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You cannot imagine how many types of activities affect the air and water pollution in this world. Here mentioned some causes of air and water pollution. For more details check Prkruti.


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Sulfur dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other factory combustibles is one the major cause of air pollution. Pollution emitting from vehicles including trucks, jeeps, cars, trains, airplanes cause immense amount of pollution.


Ammonia is a very common by product from agriculture related activities and is one of the most hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Use of insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural activities has grown quite a lot. They emit harmful chemicals into the air and can also cause water pollution.


Manufacturing industries release large amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and chemicals into the air thereby depleting the quality of air. 


Mining is a process wherein minerals below the earth are extracted using large equipments . During the process dust and chemicals are released in the air causing massive air pollution .


Household cleaning products, painting supplies emit toxic chemicals in the air and cause air pollution. Have you ever noticed that once you paint walls of your house, it creates some sort of smell which makes it literally impossible for you to breathe.


There are millions of cars and buses and so on in the world. It has often been seen that the  outdoor air quality monitor register the most pollution when the roads are full of transport; be it public or private. So, it is quite obvious that we can decrease the pollution level by cutting back the use of cars as much as possible.

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