Rectal Prolapse Treatment

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Get assured rectal prolapse treatment by ayurvedic medicine.


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Prolapse rectum How to deal with it and cure it

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A rectal prolapse befalls when the rectal wall i.e. part of the large intestne just overhead the back passage slithers via the anus. It typically happens as the tssues holding the rectum in positon muscles and ligaments have deteriorated so it is no longer braced sufciently and when the burden in the abdomen upsurges for instance when opening the bowels or coughing the muscles around the back passageway aren’t robust enough to grip it in.

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If the prolapse is big stays out most of the tme or is challenging to put back there is contnually a risk that it will strangle. This is a serious concern as the blood supply can be cut of and then the rectum can puncture or the bulging tssue may die.

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Symptoms: The most notceable symptom is of a lump that can be felt outside the back passage. In the beginning it may only appear afer opening the bowels going to the toilet. However later it may emerge when standing or walking or when coughing or sneezing. The lump can generally be pressed back inside but sometmes if it stays out it can swell and become very excruciatng strangulated prolapse. If this transpires then it can become very problematc for patent to handle the situaton.

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Treatment: Medical treatment for a rectal prolapse endeavors to improve indicatons and prevent the prolapse from getng shoddier. This management encompasses treatng any constpaton and assistng people to avoid straining during bowels.

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