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Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations By, Priyanka

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Benefits of advertising Developing an advertising program Evaluation of advertisement effectiveness Advertising agencies Sales promotion Public relations CONTENT

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Advertising is a paid form of non-personal presentation of goods or services by an identified sponsor to reach out to maximum number of audiences. Individuals and business firms promote their goods, services, ideas, issues, corporate messages and people through advertisements. Advertising messages can be conveyed to the target audience through a wide range of media.

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BENEFITS OF ADVERTISING Benefits of advertising are: Advertisements create awareness, interest and desire for products and services in customers to buy them. Advertising is cost efficient as advertisements can reach a vast number of audiences simultaneously. The message can be repeated several times It helps in boosting the sales of the company.

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It supports the activities of the distribution network of the firm by creating demand and encouraging purchase through pull strategy. It helps in making the job of the sales force easier, by crating awareness among potential customers. Advertisements also help in building a strong image of a product or brand, apart from increasing its sales.

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DEVELOPING AN ADVERTISING PROGRAM Steps involved in an advertisement program can be classified as, (a) Identifying the target audience (b) Specifying advertising objectives (c) Setting the advertising budget (d) Developing the advertising message (e) Selecting the right media (f) Scheduling the advertisement and (g)Measuring advertising effectiveness.

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Identify the Target Audience Marketers must gather information on the geographic location, demographic variables (like age, sex, education, income level etc.) and consumer attitude towards the company products and competitor products. For instance, an advertisement of Amrutanjan pain balm is targeted at the mass market, while the advertisement of Mercedes Benz is targeted at a niche market of status conscious, high income group customers.

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Advertising program

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Define the Objectives of Advertising Campaign “The objective of an advertising campaign is to achieve a specific communication task for a specific target audience during a specified period of time.” The objective should be laid down in clear, precise and measurable terms An advertising campaign can have different objectives and they are: Inform Persuade Remind

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Set the Advertising Budget It is influenced by various factors like the type of products advertised, the size of the market, the geographic distribution of customers within the market and the sales volume as compared to the competitor's sales volume. Some common methods followed by firms are , Objective and task method, (2) Percentage of sales method (3) Affordability method and (4)Competitive parity method.

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Developing the Advertising Message A successful advertising message should have the following characteristics: Meaningful Distinctive Believable Approaches to creating advertising messages Comparative advertising Inoculative advertising Refutation advertising Creating emotions

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Message Structure One side Two side

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Selecting the right Media Who should be reached? Where are they located? Which media is appropriate? When do we run the advertising campaign?

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Advertise here!

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SALES PROMOTION An activity taken up to boost the sales of a product. It includes activities like, Running advertising campaigns Handling Public Relation activities Distribution of free samples Offering free gifts Trade fairs Price discounts etc

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Purpose of Sales Promotion Encourage the customers to try a new product. Ex: Samples Attract new customer. Ex: HUL ( Rin detergent to Powder) Counter a competitor promotional activity. Encourage the customer to use the product or service and make them brand loyal. Ex: Henko Detergent

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Importance of Sales Promotion Seller introduce new products or brands in the market Recession phase in economy – tackle the situation by, Discount coupons Gifts Sweepstakes Contest Triggering impulse buying behavior

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MAJOR DECISIONS IN SALES PROMOTION Types of sales promotions, Consumer sales promotion Trade sales promotional

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Consumer sales promotion Price promotion/price discount Coupons Free gifts/samples Money refund and rebates Frequent user incentive Point-of-Purchase Installment offer Consumer contest Consumer sweepstakes Trade show

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Trade sales promotional Buying allowance Buyback allowance Merchandise allowance Free merchandise Scan back allowance

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PUBLIC RELATION A firm’s public include, Employees Stakeholders Trade unions General public Customers (Past, Present, Future) Charities Media Government and Politicians

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PR manager create tools like, Logos, business cards, stationary, handling special events like, Sponsorship of events Press release An article in news paper Parties on launching new product and Other activities that supports the firm in order to gain public relation.

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OBJECTIVES OF PR Build awareness Build credibility Motivate sales force Cut down promotional cost

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MAJOR TOOLS FOR PR Broachers News letters Logos In-house magazine Annual reports News releases Sponsoring a social events like tournament, a stage show, race etc Ex: Sahar Parivar shirts

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What do they do? Advertising Creates awareness of a business’s product Sales Promotion Efforts stimulate sales Public Relations Creates a favorable image for the business itself

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