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Chilli Oil will make your hair roots strong and prevents hair fall and increase hair growth. To know more benefits of chili oil for hair regrowth read our blog.


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Presented by: Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai Does Chilli Oil Promote Hair Growth

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People go to extreme lengths to get their hair back from hair loss and regrow their hair. There are so many weird home remedies that people try all around the world in a bid to look their best. One of those weird home remedies is chilli oil for hair growth. Let us discuss why some people are using this method for hair growth and if it really works. Why Does Chilli Oil Work Chillies have many nutrients such as riboflavin thiamin niacin magnesium iron phosphorus copper potassium manganese as well as vitamin A B C and K. Apart from the vitamins and minerals chilli oil also contains a compound named capsaicin which has been proven to promote the growth of new hair. It has anti-oxidant properties as well. It increases blood flow into the scalp which stimulates new and dormant hair follicles. Furthermore the hair benefits of the base oil also contribute to its effectiveness.

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How To Make Chilli Oil At Home To make chilli oil take any cold-pressed organic hair oil like argan oil olive oil coconut oil jojoba oil etc. Infuse red chilli into the hair oil to make a consistent paste. Keep the paste for an hour to let the oil and chilli infuse properly. How To Use Chilli Oil To use chilli oil part the hair into sections and apply chilli oil paste on the scalp. Do not apply it on the length of the hair as it will be redundant. The main target of the chilli oil is the scalp rather than the hair. Keep it on for a maximum of thirty minutes. You will experience some burning sensation due to the heat of the chilli oil. When washing out the oil be sure to wash the hair backwards to prevent your eyes from burning. Use this treatment thrice a week for best results.

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Side Effects Of Chilli Oil for Hair Growth Though chilli oil has been proven by researchers that it does indeed help in hair growth its usage is not without some side effects. Depending on the heat factor of the chillies chilli oil treatment can cause irritation burning and swelling of the scalp. Repeating the same process thrice a week with burning and swelling sensation can be quite uncomfortable. Moreover if the person is suffering from some scalp problem the chilli oil treatment can further aggravate and worsen hair loss. Hence be sure to talk to your trichologist before going ahead with this home remedy. Other problems include difficulty in removal of chilli powder from the scalp after application and the immense amount of care needed to prevent it from irritating the eyes during hair wash. Moreover the dripping water may also cause skin burns on sensitive facial skin.

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