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free the children OMVED for the children, not by the children

Slide 2: 

218 million child labourers between 5 - 17 years International Labour Organization (ILO)

Slide 3: 

115 million grossly abused in the worst forms of child labour child soldiers, prostitution, sweatshops, bonded labour..

Slide 4: 

300,000 child soldiers fighting our wars and many more making the ammunition

Slide 5: 

child house workers the single largest employer of girls worldwide not included in official statistics

Slide 6: 

child labour is BIG business. They..

Slide 7: 

spray our crops

Slide 8: 

sort our fish

Slide 9: 

cook our food

Slide 10: 

make our tea

Slide 11: 

carry our cocoa

Slide 12: 

mould our pots

Slide 13: 

herd our stock

Slide 14: 

build our roads

Slide 15: 

kiln our bricks

Slide 16: 

build our homes

Slide 17: 

carry our fire

Slide 18: 

stitch our clothes

Slide 19: 

loom our sarees

Slide 20: 

weave our carpets

Slide 21: 

make our shoes

Slide 22: 

sell our offerings

Slide 23: 

mine our treasures

Slide 24: 

make our fireworks

Slide 25: 

run our machines

Slide 26: 

sharpen our tools

Slide 27: 

oil our wheels

Slide 28: 

wash our dishes

Slide 29: 

sweep our trash

Slide 30: 

and pick our waste

Slide 31: 

they hold our world shouldn’t we be holding theirs? we are the parents.

Slide 32: 

and yet when not satisfied, we..

Slide 33: 

we beat them

Slide 34: 

we hurt them

Slide 35: 

we abuse them

Slide 36: 

we torture them

Slide 37: 

we starve them

Slide 38: 

we burn them

Slide 39: 

we scare them

Slide 40: 

and the worst of all.. we ignore them

Slide 41: 

always in front of you but why? constantly hidden from your veiw? next time you notice her, see her.

Slide 42: 

it’s time to take away their burden we should be carrying them. its our job.

Slide 43: 

it shouldn’t hurt to be a child child Labour needs to STOP It’s our responsibility

Slide 44: 

lets embrace them today they are our FUTURE but also our present.

Slide 45: 

if we don’t stand up for children then we don’t stand for much act today.

Slide 46: 

your role, what you can do how can you help? a step at a time.

Slide 47: 

be aware

Slide 48: 

study your brands

Slide 49: 

be a conscious consumer

Slide 50: 

buy only fair trade / ethical

Slide 51: 

spread the awareness

Slide 52: 

make a promise, pledge support there are non-negotiables take a stand.

Slide 53: 

donate time, money encourage eductaion for children support a reliable organisation.

Slide 54: 

“be the change, you wish to see -M.K. Gandhi lets champion the change

Slide 55: 

let’s free our children let them live their childhoods let’s be the adults.

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