The Best Home Security System for Your Carolina Vacation Home


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Many homeowners wouldn’t consider having anything less than the best home security system for their primary home yet leave their vacation home essentially unprotected.


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The Best Home Security System for Your Carolina Vacation Home:

The Best Home Security System for Your Carolina Vacation Home


Many homeowners wouldn’t consider having anything less than the  best home security system  for their primary home yet leave their vacation home essentially unprotected. Not surprisingly, vacation homes are far more likely statistically to be broken into than primary residences are. In addition, most burglaries of vacation homes that lack a proper security system go unsolved, and the standard homeowners’ insurance policy usually isn’t enough to offset losses and damages INTRODUCTION

Home Security :

The most important step to protecting one’s vacation home is to install the very  best home security system  possible and have it operational around the clock and throughout the year, even during those periods when the vacation home isn’t lived in. Ideally, the home security should use wireless technology so that there are absolutely no limitations and it can be upgraded with ease and without great cost. Home Security

Monitored Service:

Keep in mind that a basic security system isn’t enough. Local alarms don’t do anyone any good when there isn’t anyone there to hear them. Instead, hire an  alarm monitoring service  that will watch the system throughout the year and respond to alarm notifications. Let the service know that this home is a vacation home, and consider entering into an agreement where the service has a spare key and access to the home in case of an emergency. Monitored Service

Video Surveillance :

The best home security system for a vacation home also has interior and exterior video surveillance. Consider that when burglaries and similar crimes do occur, positive closure is much more likely to occur if local law enforcement has access to video evidence. In addition, it can be a great help to the  alarm monitoring service  if they’re allowed to tap into the video surveillance system when an alarm triggers during those periods where you’re family doesn’t reside at the vacation home Video Surveillance

Remote Access:

Consider also opting for a security system for your vacation home that has remote access. With remote access, you can monitor and control the system from a smart phone while on the road or from your desktop while at your primary residence. Remote access technology also allows you to add home automation features, such as programmable and remotely controllable thermostats and lights. Remote Access

Lived-In Facade :

It’s also important to maintain the appearance of being lived in throughout the year. To do this, have mail and newspaper delivery rerouted or picked up regularly. Additionally, put lights and televisions on timers. Lights with window access can have sunlight switches in case of power outages, and exterior lights can operate on both a light sensor and a motion sensor. Lived-In Facade

Caretakers :

Consider hiring caretakers that can maintain that lived-in appearance even further and inspect the home in person on a regular basis. The most basic caretaker necessary is a lawn service. For would-be thieves, an unkempt lawn is one of the most obvious signs that a vacation home is easy pickings. Keep in mind that vacation areas are often targeted and that criminals will be on the prowl and looking for these signs. Caretakers

Priority One Security :

If you have a vacation home in either North Carolina or South Carolina, consider contacting Priority One Security. Priority One is a leader in the residential security field. It specializes in designing and installing custom security solutions, and it has its very own alarm monitoring service with an impeccable record of performance. Priority  One Security


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