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In 21th century is marketing time of products, your product marketing is high can give big sales of the product. Make attractive packaging products to give you a big profit without any other marketing strategy. PrintStock is a leading in printing & laminating company, Contact us for more details.


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Digital Printing Company in New Zealand Digital Printing Company in New Zealand     Our Mastery in Our Mastery in     Flexographic Printing Laminating Plastic Bags Flexographic Printing Laminating Plastic Bags Contact us for more details we look forward to your enquiry. Website :- Website :- Email :- Email :-

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Printstock Products Ltd.            +64 06 843 4952 Packaging is Affordable Marketing Tool of Packaging is Affordable Marketing Tool of Your Products Your Products Food items do not always mean perishable items it also includes those items which can be stored for many days. Some of the items of a perishable nature like vegetables fruits milk cheese butter and some items of non perishable nature chocolate chewing gums ghee curd fried items. Perishable food items require special type of food packaging NZ all the dairy products like cheese is having various bifurcations according to the need like sliced cheese are packed in thermoforming cheese wedges  packaging  in a special atmosphere is also covered with thermoforming cheese skin in rigid thermoforming shredded cheese is packed in the VFFSVertical Forming Fill Sealing Machine special type of machine. All   the  dairy   products  like   ice­cream   yogurt   butter   curd   chocolates   are packed in the very carefully and protection from sunlight is given. Poultry and sea food like crabs meat anchovies frozen shrimps fresh prawns etc. they all need an oil mapping food packaging NZ which do not spread the smell of seafood.

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Printstock Products Ltd.            +64 06 843 4952 Vegetables like tomato olives carrot potato they   all   packaged   in   the   tins   seeds   like pumpkin   sunflower   and   many   more   are packed   in   the   polythene.   Generally   dried fruits packed in modified atmosphere. For an instance   microwave  popcorn   bag   packed  in flow   pack   wrapper.   The   forming   in   flexible film   packaging  is   generally   used   for dehydrated   apricot   poppy   and   raisins.   Dried   fruits   are  packed  in   vertical machine vffs. Mainly   snacks   are   packed   in   the   map   or   bopp   in   laminated   film.   For   an instance we can include tex­mex corn chips. Crisp potatoes are packed in flow pack wrapper. Egg trays packed in shrink films. It’s also packed in flow pack wrapper. There are various products which are already been cooked and fried and packed into the packets having polythene with the zipper. Sugar cubes crushed sugar   jelly   honey fruit bars etc. all are packed   in   the wrappers   only. Bakery   packaging products   like   toast bread cakes cookies muffins   biscuits   all these   products   are packaged   in   smooth polybags as they can be broken easily which ruin the quality of the product. Certain types of food items do require the packaging of the tin as they are in liquid form like oil ghee dissolved sugar and canned tomato are also available in this type of food packaging.

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