Letter to a Young Refugee from Another

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Letter from a Young Refugee to Another VOCABULARY Done By Mohammed Morteza & Ahmad Al Attar

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Amidst (prep) the middle point, part, or stage Sentence: I finally managed to spot the lost child amidst the trees EXIT NEXT

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Refugees (noun) a person who flees for refuge or safety, esp. to a foreign country, as in time of political disputes, war, etc. Sentence: An old warehouse has been converted into a home for the refugees. EXIT NEXT

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Tumultuous (adj) noisy and disorderly. Sentence: Ajay has endured a tumultuous year of stressful work. Example: tumultuous applause EXIT NEXT

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Fled (past of flee) to run away, as from danger or pursuers Sentence: The thieves fled away from the scene of the robbery. EXIT NEXT

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Baffling (adj) confusing Sentence: The technical language of the instructions was really baffling to him. EXIT NEXT

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Somnambulist the person who sleepwalks EXIT NEXT

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Trance a half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking. Sentence: The psychic went into a trance during the session. EXIT NEXT

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Dispossessed (adj) to deprive of the possession of something, esp. land, a house. Sentence: The dispossessed child longed to have food and shelter. EXIT NEXT

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Exile (noun) anyone’s separation from country or home voluntarily or by force. Sentence: The refugees were taken into the exile during the wartime. EXIT NEXT

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Unraveling (adj) to separate or disentangle threads, to free from complication or difficulty. Mother couldn't unravel the ball of wool anymore after the cat had played with it. EXIT NEXT

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Tapestry (noun) a fabric consisting of a warp colored threads woven by hand or a machine. Sentence: Galaxies are not distributed randomly throughout the universe, but rather they are woven into a tapestry by gravity. EXIT NEXT

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Treacherous (adj) deceptive, untrustworthy, or unreliable Sentence: We walked into the treacherous cave. EXIT NEXT

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Cunning (adj) sly- deceiving Sentence: The general thought of a cunning plan to surprise the enemy EXIT NEXT

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cunning Unraveling exile EXIT

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refugee amidst baffling EXIT

Slide 18: 

fled tumultuous baffling EXIT

Slide 19: 

refugee exile dispossessed EXIT

Slide 20: 

exile fled Somnambulist EXIT

Slide 21: 

exile fled Treacherous EXIT

Slide 22: 

terrorist refugee tapestry EXIT

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Tumultuous Somnambulist cunning EXIT

Slide 24: 

trans tapestry baffling EXIT

Slide 25: 

tapestry baffling unraveling EXIT

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fled Somnambulist Tumultuous EXIT

Slide 27: 

Dispossessed Treacherous cunning EXIT

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Is Every Thing Ready For My Plan refugee cunning Treacherous EXIT

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