Crime Report Management System

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The Crime Report Management System presenation. A presentatiion that is created for database managemnet system project


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C RIME R EPORT M ANAGEMENT S YSTEM Negligence may lead to losses. Presented By: Ramsha Arif & Zara Tariq 3 2 1

Project overview:

Project overview A Computerized Database System Keep The Records Manage The Records Reduce Drudgery Saves Time Secures Data And Avoid Data Manipulation Powerful Searching Generates Report 2

Project scope:

Project scope To provide maximum services to the user Elimination of duplicate and inconsistent record keeping Faster response Facilitate for maintenance of details of criminals To reduce the errors and the paper work Generate various other reports required from time to time Introducing element of transparency in the working of police 3

System analysis:

System analysis User friendliness with various controls System makes the overall project management much easier and flexible There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level It provides high level of security 4

System design:

System design Context Diagram ( is the highest level view of a system ) Level-0 Diagram ( is the first level of data flow diagram ) Entity Relationship Diagram ( graphical representation of entities and their relationships ) Snapshots Of CRMS 5

PowerPoint Presentation:

Context diagram 6 Victim/Petitioner Accused 3.0 Inquires and performs necessary action Investigation Officer Keep Records D1 Stores status about case D2 Case 1.0 Receives and generates FIR 2.0 Taken action and produces outcomes files FIR investigates investigated opens Under Laws captures pay for sins manages by case information

PowerPoint Presentation:


PowerPoint Presentation:


PowerPoint Presentation:

investigates Sec_of_Law implies by Cases Accused Case _ Outcome Inv_Officer captures belongs to files have Victim Petitioner Lockup FIR placed in opens have ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM (ERD) 9 < < < < < < < < <

PowerPoint Presentation:

Snapshots ( i ) 10

PowerPoint Presentation:

11 Snapshots (iii)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Snapshots (iv) 12 Amna

PowerPoint Presentation:

13 Snapshots (v) Case_closed

PowerPoint Presentation:

Fareeha Ali 14

PowerPoint Presentation:

15 Snapshots (vi)

Future enhancements:

Future enhancements Online CRMS Bugs fixing More user friendly interface More fields to store, each and every information regarding crime 16

PowerPoint Presentation:

17 The End Thanks! F or Y our Valuable Attention .. The Presentation is Dismissed Raise Your Voice Against Crime … Thanks!

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