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Sample Questions Question: 1 A corporate wireless guest network uses an open SSID with a captive portal to authenticate guest users. Guests can obtain their portal password at the service desk. A security consultant alerts the administrator that the captive portal is easily bypassed as long as one other wireless guest user is on the network. Which of the following attacks did the security consultant use A. ARP poisoning B. DNS cache poisoning C. MAC spoofing D. Rouge DHCP server Answer: C Question: 2 The security administrator receives a service ticket saying a host based firewall is interfering with the operation of a new application that is being tested in development. The administrator asks for clarification on which ports need to be open. The software vendor replies that it could use up to 20 ports and many customers have disabled the host based firewall. After examining the system the administrator sees several ports that are open for database and application servers that only used locally. The vendor continues to recommend disabling the host based firewall. Which of the following is the best course of action for the administrator to take A. Allow ports used by the application through the network firewall

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B. Allow ports used externally through the host firewall C. Follow the vendor recommendations and disable the host firewall D. Allow ports used locally through the host firewall Answer: D Question: 3 A chief information officer CIO is concerned about PII contained in the organizations various data warehouse platforms. Since not all of the PII transferred to the organization is required for proper operation of the data warehouse application the CIO requests the in needed PII data be parsed and securely discarded. Which of the following controls would be MOST appropriate in this scenario A. Execution of PII data identification assessments B. Implementation of data sanitization routines C. Encryption of data-at-rest D. Introduction of education programs and awareness training E. Creation of policies and procedures Answer: E Question: 4 An employee finds an usb drive in the employee lunch room and plugs the drive into a shared workstation to determine who owns the drive. When the drive is inserted a command prompt opens and a script begins to run. The employee notifies a technician who determines that data on a server have been compromised. This is an example of: A. Device removal B. Data disclosure C. Incident identification D. Mitigation steps Answer: C Question: 5 Employees are reporting that they have been receiving a large number of emails advertising products and services. Links in the email direct the users browsers to the websites for the items being offered. No reports of increased virus activity have been observed. A security administrator suspects that the users are the targets of: A. A watering hole attack

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B. Spear phishing C. A spoofing attack D. A spam campaign Answer: D Question: 6 Requirements for the confidentiality of its data on end user devices. The organization decides to allow BYOD but requires that users wishing to participate agree to the following specific device configurations camera disablement password enforcement and application white listing. The organization must be able to support a device portfolio of differing mobile operating systems. Which of the following represents the MOST relevant technical security criteria for the MDM A. Breadth of support for device manufacturers security configuration APIS B. Ability to extend the enterprise password polices to the chosen MDM C. Features to support the backup and recovery of the stored corporate data D. Capability to require the users to accept an AUP prior to device on boarding Answer: B Question: 7 Joe has hired several new security administrators and have been explaining the4 design of the companys network. He has described the position and descriptions of the companys firewalls IDS sensors antivirus server DMZs and HIPS. Which of the following best describes the incorporation of these elements A. Load balancers B. Defense in depth C. Network segmentation D. UTM security appliance Answer: B Question: 8 A company is deploying an new video conferencing system to be used by the executive team for board meetings. The security engineer has been asked to choose the strongest available asymmetric cipher to be used for encryption of board papers and chose the strongest available stream cipher to be configured for video streaming. Which of the following ciphers should be chosen Select two

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A. RSA B. RC4 C. 3DES D. HMAC E. SJA-256 Answer: A B Question: 9 In performing an authorized penetration test of an organizations system security a penetration tester collects information pertaining to the application versions that reside on a server. Which of the following is the best way to collect this type of information A. Protocol analyzer B. Banner grabbing C. Port scanning D. Code review Answer: B Question: 10 Client computers login at specified times to check and update antivirus definitions using a dedicated account configured by the administrator. One day the clients are unable to login with the account but the server still responds to ping requests. The administrator has not made any changed. Which of the following most likely happened A. Group policy is blocking the connection attempts B. The administrator account has been disabled C. The switch port for the server has died D. The password on the account has expired Answer: D Buy Complete Questions Answers File from 100 Exam Passing Guarantee Money Back Assurance  PDF Version + Test Engine Software Version  60 Days Free Updates Service  Valid for All Countries

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