What is the Best Way to Deep Clean Tile Floors

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What is the Best Way to Deep Clean Tile Floors The best thing about a tile floor is that they need so much less care and work than other surfaces especially carpet. So you’ve chosen tiles for their longevity and you want them to look as pristine as possible for as long as possible. Just because they require less maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance so they will require cleaning and sometimes deep cleaning to get into built in deep down dirt and grime.

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The key is to avoid having to use anything harsh or abrasive. If possible and it should be don’t wait until your floors get so filthy that you need to use heavy duty chemicals. That will strip the surface of your tiles and prematurely age them. Regular sweeping with a dust mop followed by a vacuum makes all the difference. It keeps them clean and removes the need to use anything harsher. Don’t even use a straw broom because they will scratch your tiles. So here’s how to clean tiles without reverting to chemicals. Once a week mop your tiles with water and then dry them immediately after so you don’t have dirt nestling in the wet spots to potentially stain your tiles. Having doormats inside and out will reduce the amount of dirt being deposited on your floors. If you spill anything then use a spray cleaner but limit it to where you have the spillage and nowhere else. If you do need to clean your surface with anything more than water then try these solutions. They won’t be nearly as abrasive as chemicals: There are lots of ready made floor cleaners that you can take straight off the shelves and some are better than others. Mixing half a cup of vinegar with a litre of water and then mopping afterwards with dish detergent and water is kinder on your tiles. For tough stains use water with detergent and softly circle the area with a scouring pad. And if all else fails and there are stains that seem impenetrable then it is possible to have tile cleaners in Sydney come to your home and provide a cleaning service. A home remedy tile grout cleaner is to mix a paste using baking soda and water. Apply it to your grout and let it sit overnight. The nest day scrub it in with a toothbrush and then wash it away with warm water. To avoid a build up in the future you buy a sealant for your grout and apply it. It will keep your grout looking clean for quite some time. Failing a do it yourself solution you could hire a professional grout cleaning service for a permanent solution.

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