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Press Red New medical emergency and personal security safety App connects users to medical professionals In Seconds. Press Red users are specifically looking for emergency medical professionals, ambulances and other related services and it is a good chance for medical authorities and professionals to get listed in hyperlocal medical directory.


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Press Red- Personal Security and Medical Emergency Safety App Greetings from Press Red For any Government Safety and Health of its citizens in distress is most important. As a State you are committed to safety security of people and assets. Health of people remains in centre focus of the program as status of health of its citizens has several direct and indirect effects on economy of the State. You are much valued contributor to healthcare system. You are not only the provider payer but also happen to be the regulator for the system. We understand that you operate your system of security and healthcare 24/7 to respond to general safety medical and trauma related emergencies. Press.Red is happy to bring to you its unique services model delivered through its Ultimate Medical Emergency Mobile App which would power you to monitor and manage these services more efficiently. This App is going to available on Android and iOS Apple platforms. It would also be later launched on Blackberry and Windows operating platforms. Use of this App brings benefits in following ways- SAFETY PERSONAL GENERAL SAFETY PUBLIC PLACES SAFETY 1. User in distress can send signal to his own friends/ contacts and even to Police- Beat Constable/ Picket/ Stations. 2. Can locate nearest contacts/ Police help. 3. Integrated safety devices can be used alternatively for raising alarm. Integrated Safety devices PUSH BUTTONS/ TABS can be deployed in public places for raising alarm 1. Safety-Press Khaki button to send signal to Police- Beat Constable/ Picket/ Stations. 2. Fire- Press Red button to send signal to Police Fire Brigade Ambulance. 3. Health- Press Green button to send signal to Ambulance. HEALTHCARE EMERGENCY Ambulance Services ELECTIVE HEALTHCARE 1. View all ambulance locations in real time. 2. Get all inbound calls from patients/ public recorded and monitored. 3. Get all ambulance trip details accounted. 4. Monitor response and performance of ambulances. 5. Improve utilization indices. 1. Empower public with hyper local healthcare directory on the go. 2. Improve access to healthcare. 3. Push preventive health campaigns. 4. Promote health camps vaccination programs geriatric care services. We are going to introduce services at affordable subscription plans. We want to ensure access to the HELP in time of huge distress.

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We would request you to visit our website to know more about and allow us an appointment with concern authority to demonstrate the product and its benefits at large for the society and the state. Together we can bring a huge paradigm shift in accessing HELP in distress be it safety or health emergency. Feel free to send your query if any to know better. Stay Healthy. Stay Secure Dr. Prashant Kulshrestha CEO Press.Red Follow Us for Regular Updated Related To Press Red Medical App:

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