Wisdom of Buddha - Dhammapada - 4


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Inspiration and wisdom is presented from Buddha's Dhammapada for better life and peace of mind if followed properly


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1 Dhammapada-4 Buddha’s View Complete Dhammapada in 4 Sets. This is set - 4

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2 The compulsive urges of the thoughtless grow like a creeper. They jump like a monkey from one life to another, looking for fruit in the forest.

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3 When a person is driven by selfish desires, sorrow spreads in his life like wild grass.

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4 All human beings are subject to attachment and thirst for pleasure. Driven by this thirst they run about frightened like a hunted hare, suffering more and more.

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5 A person driven by fierce craving is like a spider caught in his own web.

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6 Greed, lust, hatred, and selfish desires ruin the mind, as weeds ruin the field.

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7 He is supremely wise who is free from compulsive urges and attachment.

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8 Greed, lust, hatred, and selfish desires ruin the mind, as weeds ruin the field.

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9 Train your senses, they are good friends when trained and will take you beyond sorrow.

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10 A true bhikshu trains his body, speech and mind and is at peace with himself.

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11 A true bhikshu lives simply, is contented and never jealous of others. Those who are jealous cannot do well in meditation.

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12 Bhikshu, empty your boat! It will go faster. Cast out greed and hatred and reach ‘Nirvana’.

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Be a friend to all. Perform your duties well. Joy will grow sorrow will end.

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14 Cross the river bravely, conquer all your passions. Go beyond the world of fragments, likes and dislikes and all fetters will fall away.

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15 The sun shines in the day, the moon shines at night, the warrior shine in battle; the Brahmin in meditation. But day and night the Buddha shines in radiance of love for all.

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16 Him I call a Brahmin who is never angry and never harms others even when he is harmed by them.

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17 How can a troubled mind Understand the way?If a man is disturbedHe will never be filled with knowledge.

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18 Him I call a Brahmin who possessing nothing, desiring nothing and is free from past and future.

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19 Look about and contemplate life. Everything is transient and nothing endures. There is birth and death; growth and decay; there is combination and separation.

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20 The glory of the world is like a flower; it stands in full bloom in the morning and fades in the heat of the day.

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21 ‘Self’ if combined with selfishness is a source of evil. ‘Self combined with ego is a false self and ‘Self’ combined with truth is a self which will attain Nirvana.

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