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The recent trends in the litigation scenario will keep you updated and make claims management easier task. Visit to get aid from the world’s largest litigation database as well as real-time court data collection.


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Premonition has created the World’s Largest Litigation Database. Our Artificial Intelligence system mines our Data to build innovative solutions for the Insurance Legal and Financial industries. About Us

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Premonition captures all the cases filed in the courts it covers. It is a powerful engine designed to collect and analyze Litigation Big Data. About Us

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Premonition Team Guy Kurlandski CEO Co-founder Toby Unwin CIO Co-founder Robert Pola CFO Nathan A. Huber Director of Business Development

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Premonition Team Anthony Miller Chief Data Officer Jayson Glick Director of Special Projects Jerome Krief Senior Data Scientist

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What is Court Data Court Data Court Data is information extracted from cases filed in court. This can include: Plaintiff Defendant Attorney Judge Filing Date Case Duration Current Status Outcome Judgment Awards and much more. It can also include the docket summary of case proceedings and documents filed during the life of a case.

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Court Data Who uses Court Data wide variety of professionals and industries rely on Court Data for proper risk assessment analytics and decision-making.  Claims Managers  Lawyers  Law Enforcement  General Counsel  Risk Managers  Litigation Funders  Government Agencies  Background Investigators  Factoring Companies  Investment Analysts  Employment Screeners  and many more.

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What Challenges are Involved in Collecting Court Data Court Data 1. Diversity of State Court Systems 2. Imprecise Naming Conventions 3. Inaccessibility 4. Disorganized Data PREMONITION IS THE ONLY COMPANY TO GET CLOSE TO DOWNLOADING AND NORMALIZING COURT DAT A ON A NATIONALLY SEARCHABLE REAL TIME BASIS.

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What Makes Premonition Different Premonition has more courts more cases and better data. It has the world’s largest litigation database which is growing by thousands of cases per hour. Court Data

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OVERVIEW of the US COURT SYSTEM Court Data Here is a vastly simplified outline of the civil US Court System:

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Coverage What is Your Depth of Coverage Some legal research databases claim to cover particular courts. However this doesn’t mean that they are capturing all the cases filed every day in that court. Premonition compiles all the cases filed in the courts that it covers. This has a dramatic impact on the number of cases available for analysis. It is not a legal research tool it is a powerful engine designed to collect and analyze Big Data. What Courts are Covered Premonition covers more state and local courts than any other Court Data provider. For a comprehensive list please contact us at

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Coverage Doesnt PACER Have All the Data I Need There are over 15 million cases filed in the United States per year. Federal PACER and State Appeals Courts account for just 3 of that total. The other 97 of cases are filed in over 3124 state/county trial courts.

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Coverage How Does Premonition’s Coverage Compare to Other Court Data Providers Premonition covers more state courts than all other Court Data providers combined.

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Coverage Does Premonition have Global Coverage Premonition has expanded globally to cover courts in the UK Australia Ireland the Netherlands Canada and India.

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Coverage What Types of Court Data Services do you Offer  Deliver normalized historical cases along with their accompanying dockets and documents  Provide a searchable database of attorneys case types judges litigants etc.  Filter cases and documents to meet your custom research requirements  Monitor litigation trends in real-time  Receive daily/hourly alerts on new case filings How is Premonition Court Data Formatted Premonition normalizes the case information it extracts from every court it covers. This enables it to search across the entire court system and gives clients the ability to make highly specific data requests. Premonition can deliver data via spreadsheet or API. No more endless cutting and pasting to transfer data into a usable format.

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Custom Data Solutions Does Premonition Fulfil Custom Requests Can you provide data from paid Courts Yes we can. We will utilize the same AI technology to gather the data you need. If the data is available we can code a solution for you. We only want a bespoke highly filtered slice of Court data can you do that Yes but we multiply the price for each filter you add or for only providing documents that contain certain phrases. How is the Data delivered Other data providers use formats that require endless cutting and pasting. We deliver data via API and CSV.

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Real Time Litigation Monitoring VIGIL What is Vigil Vigil is Premonition’s cutting-edge court alert and case update system. It leverages Artificial Intelligence and the world’s largest litigation database to deliver alerts on cases filed across the country. • More state court coverage than LexisNexis Westlaw and Bloomberg combined • Custom case filing alerts plaintiff defendant judge attorney case type • Case updates delivered via email • Hourly alerts and updates from state/county courts • Simplified pricing

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Real Time Litigation Monitoring VIGIL Who Uses Vigil A wide-variety of industries and professionals find Vigil’s capabilities useful to their operations. These include: lawyers law enforcement general counsel risk managers government agencies background investigators insurers claims managers litigation funders debt collectors and many more.

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Real Time Litigation Monitoring VIGIL • Receive Daily/Hourly Case Alerts via email • Customize alerts by keyword client company attorney case type etc. • Uncover new business development opportunities • Monitor your clients’ court filings • Improve Risk Management by tracking litigation trends in real-time • Forecast potential loss amounts and litigation volume Vigil for Law Firms Vigil for Insurance Companies

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Real Time Litigation Monitoring VIGIL Who Uses Vigil • Uncover new investment opportunities • Track cases throughout the litigation cycle • Improve efficiency of public records research teams • Easily import results into CRM systems • Conveniently order court documents Vigil for Litigation Funding Additional Features:

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Analytics Client Report • Litigation History • Case Types • Legal Representation • Attorney/Firm performance • Case Duration overall case type judge client Premonition’s Client Report contains in-depth analytics on a company’s litigation history and attorney performance. Law Firms use this report to improve Business Development through better Client Intelligence. It is used by General Counsel to review their Panel Counsel. Useful for: Law Firms General Counsel Claims Managers

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Analytics Attorney Report • Litigation Experience • Case Types • Client Representation • Performance overall case type judge client • Case Duration overall case type judge client Premonitions’ Attorney Report contains in-depth analytics on an attorney’s performance and litigation experience. Law Firms use this report to gather intelligence on opposing counsel and identify lateral recruiting opportunities. General Counsel use this report to review the performance of their external counsel. Useful for: Law Firms General Counsel Claims Managers Litigation Finance Pre-Settlement Funding

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Analytics Judge Report • Attorney Performance by case type • Case Durations by case type and attorney • Plaintiff/Defendant outcomes by case type • Attorney Experience in front of a judge • Performance Outliers Premonition’s Judge Report contains in-depth analytics on the outcomes of attorneys in front of a judge. It is used by General Counsel to identify the most effective and efficient attorneys in front of a judge. Law Firms use this report for gathering judicial intelligence hiring co-counsel and identifying the strength of opposing counsel. Useful for: Law Firms General Counsel Claims Managers Litigation Finance

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Analytics Law Firm Report • Litigation History and Experience • Client Representation • Overall Firm Performance • Specific Attorney Performance Premonition’s Law Firm Report provides in-depth analysis of a Law Firm’s performance and efficiency. General Counsel use this during their Panel Counsel Review process to identify top-performing firms. Law Firm’s use this report to track their litigation experience/performance and to improve their business development by pitching to their strengths. Useful for: Law Firms General Counsel Claims Managers • Average Case Durations overall case type client • Case Types • Benchmarking to Competitors

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Analytics Court Report • Attorney Experience Number of Cases in a Court • Attorney Performance by Case Type • Benchmarking to peer performance Premonition’s Court Report reveals the quantity of cases and performance of all the lawyers in a particular court. This report is used to identify top performing attorneys or identify potential venues in which to file a case. Useful for: Law Firms General Counsel Claims Managers Litigation Finance

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Analytics Top Litigants Report Premonition’s Top Litigants Report ranks companies by volume of litigation in a court state or country. Law Firms use this report to identify potential hidden clients. Litigation Finance Firms use this to identify potential leads. Useful for: Law Firms General Counsel Claims Managers Litigation Finance

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