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If you are looking for stylish and attractive car emblems and badges then view this file. Here we make custom chrome decals and shiny look emblems, sleek and desirable, the plating process adds a luxurious finish to any product. For more detail visit our website:-


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Why Chrome Plating Its hard to beat the appeal that chrome plating brings to emblems trim and components. Making custom chrome decals and emblems look shiny sleek and desirable the plating process adds a luxurious finish to any product.

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Textured finish: Warty texture Micro Hammered texture Fully Hammered texture Antique look: Antique Copper - light Antique Bronze - light Antique Bronze - medium Metals: Silver – Matte Silver - Glossy Nickel - Matte Gold - Glossy Bronze - Natural

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Chrome plating is carried out by electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a plastic or metal object. metal can be applied for one of the following purposes:- Decorating Easing the cleaning process Increasing surface hardness Providing resistance to corrosion Contact Us: +86 158 6786 3626 w w w . p r e m i u m e m b l e m . c o m

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