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Choosing an outdoor kitchen is a great idea for improving not only the quality of the time spent in your home but the overall value of your home as well. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to have a great outdoor kitchen, often times you can use your existing grill and simple build it into the structure. However quality is still important and there are some companies that offer very nice equipment of many options for outdoor kitchens. Choosing to build an exclusive Fire Magic barbecue would be a great idea for long lasting, truly high quality products. Fire Magic is one of several sub-companies based out of California that not only offer outdoor grills but a wide variety of BBQ island options. There entire line is only available in stainless steel, inside and out with a variety to choose from such as a Fire Magic barbecue, cabinets, coolers, sinks and much more. Stainless steel is the preferred choice by the professionals due to its resistance to not only the elements but fluctuating temperatures as well. BBQ islands are fairly easy to construct and you should have no problem building and designing one yourself. Start out by taking your measurements and drawing up a plan.

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From there you can build a frame using pressure treated 2x4’s, screwing them together. Keep in consideration any features you will be adding such as your grill, cabinets, speakers, controls, side burners, refrigerators. Cut some pressure treated plywood, leaving areas for your appliances and also ventilation holes which are important so that if there is a leak in a gash are important so that if there is a leak in a gas hose, the gas won’t build up within the structure. Attach the plywood with construction adhesive and screws. Next you have an option of adding backing board for better insulation, if not you can just add builders felt and wire mesh.

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The wire mesh should be on top of the felt and rough side facing out. Next you apply your type S mortar and score it using a scoring tool. Add your siding of choice such as tile, or stone. If you would like wood siding skip these steps and add it directly to the plywood or backer board. After you siding is up add the counter tops and appliances and you’re ready to cook. It is a good idea to add some type of shelter to protect your outdoor kitchens area from the elements. You do have some other options such as brick or large stone and of course adding on other features to blend your backyard or patio scene as well.

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Things like a stone, fire stoked pizza oven, hot tub encasing, pathways and whatever else you can think of to incorporate into your design. The possibilities are endless and this is a great opportunity to be creative and turn your household into an area you and your family would really enjoy. To start checking out some supplies and outdoor options in a stress free zone where you don’t have to be pressured by a dealer or salesmen, check out, if you do have any questions telephone and chat operators are standing by to help answer them.

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