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DOCUMENTATION EXPORT DOCUMENTATION Invoice Certificate Custom documents Transport documents Exchange control Payment documents Miscellaneous documents IMPORT DOCUMENTATION Transport documents Bill of entry Certificate of inspection Certificate of measurement Freight declaration Fumigation certificate

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Export Documents Export documentation is a tedious but necessary process that all exporters must pay close attention to, as documentation requirements vary considerably by country, commodity, and situation .


EXPORT DOCUMENTATION INVOICE Performa invoice – Performa invoice is a quotation given in the form of a regular invoice. Commercial invoice – It is an exporter’s bill for the goods shipped. Consular invoice - A consular invoice is the commercial invoice stamped or notarized by the consulate or embassy of your customer’s country, if required.


EXPORT DOCUMENTAT ION CERTIFICATE Certificate of origin - COO declares that the goods which are being exported are manufactured in a specific country. Combined certificate of origin and value- This document is applicable to common wealth countries only. This document certifies not only the origin of goods but also the value of goods.

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Certificate of Value and Origin Exporter Status of Exporter ( Manufacturer, Producer, Supplier, Grower, etc ) Page of Date / / 20 Sold To Deliver To Country of Origin Terms ( FOB, CFR, CIF , etc ) Ship / Airline Sea / Air Sea / of Discharge Final Destination Marks & Numbers Quantity and Description Currency Invoice Price to Purchaser Specify the following charges and indicate if each amount has been included in the selling price Amount in the currency of the exporting country State if Incl 1. Value of outside packages / containers I the undersigned being duly authorised by the above exporter and having made the necessary enquiries HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THIS INVOIVE HAS BEEN MADE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE VALUE AND ORIGIN CLAUSES ATTACHED Full name and position of signatory 2. Labour for packing goods into outside packages / containers 3. Inland transport and insurance cost to port / airport area 4. Port Charges 5. Ocean Freight 6. Overseas Insurance 7. Royalties 8. Other Charges (drawbacks, commissions, etc) Signature of authorised Signatory Date

Export Document:

Export Document Customs Documents Shipping Bill : Shipping bill is the main customs document. It is required by the customs authorities for granting permission for the shipment of goods.

Export documents:

Export documents Transport documents Mate receipts -It is a prime facie evidence that goods are loaded in the vessel. It is an acknowledgement of the goods on board the ship. Bill of lading – It is issued by the shipping company and serves as a receipt from the shipping company which undertakes to deliver the goods at agreed destination on payment of freight Airway bill- When goods are exported by air, the concerned airline authorities issue airway bill.

Export Documents:

Export Documents Exchange Control Documents GR Form - Form GR is an exchange control document which is to be submitted to the Reserve Bank of India after clearance from the customs authorities. It is designed mainly to furnish guarantee to the RBI to remit the foreign exchange earned from the export shipment within 180 days from the date of exports.

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Export Documents Exchange control Documents PP form- PP Form is also an exchange control document. It is used in place of Form GR when goods are exported by post parcel.

Export Documentation:

Export Documentation Payment documents Bill of exchange- Bill of exchange is also known as “draft ”.

Export Documents :

Export Documents Miscellaneous Documents Marine insurance -It covers perils on high sea

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Insurance certificate - All goods meant for export are compulsorily covered by insurance. Miscellaneous Documents

Miscellaneous Documents:

Health certificate - This document is required for the export of food products,seeds,animal meat etc. Miscellaneous Documents

Import documents:

Import documents Import Licenses The import of specific products requires obtaining import licenses and authorizations issued by the competent authorities (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Culture, etc.) The goods that shall be subject to import licenses are listed in detail in the Decision for Classification of Goods to Import and Export.

Import Documents:

Import Documents Transport Documents Ocean freight :Bill of lading. Air freight :Airway Bills. Rail / Road :Railway Receipt. Post :Waybill issued by Foreign Post office. Courier : Courier Receipt.

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BILL OF ENTRY This document contain details like quality,quantity,number of packages et c.

Import document:

Import document Fumigation Certificate Fumigation certificate is required as proof that the packing materials e.g. wooden crates, wood, wool etc), have been fumigated or sterilized.

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Inspection Certificate or Inspection Report Import document This certificate certifies that goods being exported are exportworthy.

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