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Fruit and Vegetable Concept 18 th October 2017

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It’s fun to eat fruits and veggies To Promote the importance and encourage eating a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday. 1. Children will become familiar with variety of fruits and vegetables. 2. Children will be aware of where to find fruits and vegetables 3. Children will be aware of the importance of eating fruits and vegetables each day. 4. Children will learn by Taste testing comparing foods by sight and feel. 5. Children will learn that fruits can be mixed together to make tasty smoothies and vegetables to make lovely soups.

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The Little Chefs of IRIS Tots

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Learning Outcome • In Fruit and Vegetables Theme Children learn about healthy food and junk food. Children will taste many kind of vegetables learn how Fruits and Vegetables are grown. • There are many kind of fruits and vegetables. They come in many shape size and color. They have different names. We can eat raw or cooked vegetables eat with skin or we can peel the skin. • While mashing the potato they develop gross motor skills and while mixing the ingredients to make an instant cake they develop fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

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Fine Motor Skills Motor skills are motions carried out when the brain nervous system and muscles work together. Mastering both fine and gross motor skills are important for children’s growth and independence. Children learn everyday through play by experiencing new textures sounds colors patterns and tastes. Fine motor skills are small movements –such as picking up small objects and holding a spoon – that use the small muscles of the fingers toes wrists lips and tongue.

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Sponge Dabbing by IRIS Nursery Benefits of Sponge Dabbing: - Self – expression with paint - Eye and hand coordination - Fine motor development - Experimenting and exploring with a new paint tool - Sense of achievement and pride - Colour recognition - Sensory experience of exploring paint and paint filled sponges.

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