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Any word,phrase,symbol,design,sound, colour,product configuration, group of letters or numbers or combination of these. In other words is a visual representation attached to goods for the purpose of indicating their trade origin Kodak – photographic goods Apple – for computers


PURPOSE OF TM Who makes this product? Who provide this service?

Functions of a Trademark : 

Functions of a Trademark It identify the product and its origin It guarantees its quality It advertise its product It creates an image

Characteristics of a Trademark : 

Characteristics of a Trademark Distinctiveness - invented Should be easy to pronounce Easy to spell It should not be descriptive It should be short Appeal the eye as well as the ear

Distinctive character : 

Distinctive character Fanciful name – Kodak – no meaning Arbitrary - common word which is used in a meaningless context – (Apple computers) Suggestive - indicate the nature, quality ,characteristic –do not describe the product Descriptive word – dictionary meaning –shoe land connection with product or services Generic term

Marks not registrable : 

Marks not registrable Likely to deceive or cause confusion Contrary to law Likely to hurt the religious feelings Similar mark Geographical name,cast,tribe National emblems Contrary to morality

Non traditional TM : 

Non traditional TM Appearance Shape Sound Scents Taste Touch

Infringement : 

Infringement Few addition and alteration Must be used in trade Printed

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