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Sustainable Developement : 

Sustainable Developement It is underscore that the rate of consumption or use of natural resources should approximate the rate at which these resources can be substituted or replaced Suistainable development means concerns for protecting environment Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for future generations

Important fundamentals : 

Important fundamentals Population and its implication Limits to growth Economy Poverty Human settlement issues Land resources Forests Mountains Agriculture Biodiversity Protection of water resources Business and industry Ecological deficit Village and community involvement

1.Population and its implication : 

1.Population and its implication I = P x A x T I = impact on environment P=Population A = Affluence (consumption) T =Technology coefficient ( Erlich equation)

Slide 4: 

More pressure on on resources,more consumption energy,more production of wastes Over population World population in 1800 -1 billion 1922 -2 billion 2000 -6 billion 2050 -9billion(estimated)

2.Limits to growth : 

2.Limits to growth Not able to manage the environmental crisis unless people change their attitude,consumption patterns,manufacturing and marketing practices and get into a technological world that is less intensive in its use of material energy Principle of sufficiency “,this much and not beyond”

3.Economy : 

3.Economy Gross National product (GNP) - total value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a particular year indicator of economic performance It shows high rate of consumption GNP- ecology

4.poverty : 

4.poverty Major challege all over the globe Poor people directly depend upon natural resources for their livelihood Employment opportunity

5.Human settlement issues : 

5.Human settlement issues Providing shelter to all Investing – water, sewage and solid waste Promoting sustainable energy Promoting sustainable land-use management

6.Land resources : 

6.Land resources Land not only includes a physical entity in terms of topography but it also includes natural resources ,soil,minerals and biota These components of land provide variety of services essentials for life

7.Forests : 

7.Forests Rio declaration-forest princilps Sustainable forest development ,production of forest products and forest services require an institutional approach at governmental level.

8.Mountains : 

8.Mountains About 10% of world population depends directly on mountat in resources But the mountain ecosystem is undergoing degradation with the result that inhabitants of hills are facing resource crunch and poverty

9.Agriculture : 

9.Agriculture Growing population Fertilizers Reuse status

10.Bio diversity : 

10.Bio diversity Biodiversity or biological diversity means variety of plant and animal species,presence,absence or richness of which determines the state of biological wealth

Slide 14: 

There are around 500 varieties of mammals, 2000 species of birds and 30,000 types of insects and a wide variety of fish, amphibians and reptiles are found in the country according to the latest census estimate Rice, sesame, cotton, safflower, cucumber, eggplant, banana, Mango, pepper, tea, cardamom and citrus fruits

11.Protection of Water resources : 

11.Protection of Water resources Management of marine resources of seas and island is crucial Many of the world poor are crowded in coastal areas and these areas are under constant threat of erosion The marine environment is being constantly polluted by sewage,plastic,metal ,oil and illegal spills

12.Business and industry : 

12.Business and industry Eco-friendly CSR Environment protection programmes Competetive advantage

13.Ecology deficit : 

13.Ecology deficit projects

14.Village and community involvement : 

14.Village and community involvement Involvement support

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